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Table Pads Shopping Guide

Table Pads Shopping Guide

The dining room table is one of the most important furniture pieces in your home. It is easily the focal point of your dining space and the place where your family and friends will gather around for holiday dinners and celebrations. You have taken much care and effort in finding just the right piece so making sure its pristine beauty is preserved through the years should be your next priority. Watermarks, chips, and dents are definitely not things you want seen on your table so invest wisely in your piece's protection.

Shopping for a dining room table pad may be a bit more challenging than buying the table itself. There are things that you need to consider before actually checking out what's available in the market. To make sure you won't have difficulty getting the proper table protection, read on for essential details about table pad shopping.

Size and Color
This is one of the most important things you need to consider when buying a table pad. Write down your table's accurate measurements. When you have your table pad customized, the accuracy of your measurements will help the manufacturer in making a product that is tailor-made to perfectly fit your dining room table. Some manufacturers only require the model and maker of the table to be able to custom make the table pad. Be ready with this information to ensure that you'll get the right product.

Don't hesitate to ask for help from sales assistants or customer service when it comes to determining the size of the piece you'll get.

Many manufacturers offer a wide range of color choices for table pads. Choose a shade that complements your dining room color scheme or matches the rest of your furniture pieces.

Locking System
A table pad's locking system secures it to the table so that it won't move every time somebody bumps into it. There are different locking systems available. The magnetic locking system features magnets installed underneath the covering of the table pad. This allows the leaves to lock in place without any unsightly hooks or external parts that may scratch or damage the table's surface. There are products that use hooks to secure the leaves. The hooks are designed so that they only protrude when you unlock them and they are placed underneath the pad covering so they don't cause any damage.

Storage Bags
When you are not using your table pad, it is convenient to store them properly and securely. The table pad storage bag allows you to do that and more. It keeps the pad's leaves from gathering dust in some corner and makes it convenient for you to retrieve it when you need to use it. There are several color options for storage bags so you can still store your table pad in good taste.

Always check what your table pad's warranty covers and the length of time it is good for. If the warranty information is not readily available, ask for assistance from sales assistants or customer service and obtain the information you need. Warranties may cover the locking system and the pad surface. Check out different products and compare their warranties so that you'll be able to determine the best purchase.

Tracing Kit
If your table doesn't follow normal designs for corners, then you'll need a tracing kit. The kit allows you to trace out your table's unique corners so that the table pad manufacturer can make a product that perfectly fits your dining centerpiece.

Shopping for a table pad may require a little more effort than you may have imagined but it's well worth the effort. Your dining table will be looking beautiful and pristine for many years to come.

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