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Storage Furniture Style Guide

Storage furniture pieces are essential items in our home. They help keep our space organized and clutter-free. In today's world, coming home to a clutter-free space is becoming more and more a need. You'd want to come home to a space where things are stored neatly and you know where to find stuff when you need them.

If you're about to go out to do some storage furniture shopping, check out the styles available first so that you'll save time and effort going through choices. Knowing what you want even before shopping will enable you to have a productive and less stressful shopping experience.

Oriental or Asian Style Storage Furniture: - Storage furniture in an Oriental style incorporates Oriental architecture and design. Most of the pieces that sport this style are bedroom or living room storage furniture. They may also incorporate the Asian philosophy of Feng Shui. These pieces offer plenty of storage compartments since Feng Shui does not encourage different items being stored in one space. Each item should have a drawer or a shelf to itself. Asian style storage beds are low-profile beds that have compartments underneath the bed frame.

Modern and Contemporary Style Storage Furniture: - These pieces have sleek, smooth surfaces and sport striking but simple designs. These have a minimalist look to them and are functional as well as stylish. These would be the kind of furniture you see in urban spaces where function meets flawless style. An example would be an espresso-colored dresser with sharp angles and smooth surfaces. On the other hand, contemporary style has a gentler and warmer appearance. These pieces may be made with wood, which gives a welcoming atmosphere and are stained in a way that shows the beauty of the wood grain. As with modern style storage furniture, their beauty is in their functionality and simplicity, yet contemporary style has a cozier look and feel to it.

Country Style Storage Furniture: - These pieces give a comfortable country atmosphere to your home. Wood pieces painted white would bring this countenance into your home. Furnish with a wood armoire, hall chest, and even a white storage bed for an organized space. Log storage furniture such as dressers and entertainment centers would give you a rustic atmosphere.

Antique Style Storage Furniture: - Not all of us have antique pieces handed down to us nor do we all have time to head to antique shops to buy storage furniture. However, if you want a classy antique look, there is storage furniture that is made to look like real antique pieces. They may be made of wood or a combination of wood and metal. Some have designs hand-painted onto the piece while others have carved ornamentations. Baker's racks, kitchen islands, hall chests, dressers, armoires, and chiffoniers made in the antique style are available.

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