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Solid Wood Furniture Shopping Guide

Solid Wood Furniture Shopping Guide

The charm of solid wood furniture has endured even in today's world of plastic, glass, steel, and chrome furnishings. It provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere which cannot be duplicated by pieces made with synthetic materials, no matter how good or innovative the technology used is. Solid wood pieces are remarkably durable, sturdy, and create a deeper character to a room's atmosphere.

The great thing about solid wood furniture is that with proper care and maintenance, it grows more beautiful over time. This type of furniture can be handed down as an heirloom and even grow more valuable. If you have or haven’t purchased solid wood furniture and want to shop for solid wood furniture to furnish with coordinated pieces, then read on for some reminders and tips on how to buy furniture that you will love for many years.

Style: - Before going out to shop for solid wood furniture pieces, decide on the style you want. If you just need a few pieces to complete a room's furnishings, it will be important to buy pieces that match or complement your existing furniture. If you have a modern home theme, simple, sleek wood pieces with black or white finish would go well with your furnishings. If you have antique pieces, ornately designed furniture with intricate decorations or carvings would round out your theme nicely. A country theme would accommodate cottage style furniture.

You can also furnish with a different style, like log furniture, so as to bring a little spice to your decorating theme. However, make sure the style and design you get fuses well with your existing theme. It wouldn't do to have your space look like a collection of various mismatched furniture pieces.

Kind of Wood: - Solid wood furniture can be made from either hardwoods or softwoods. Hardwoods are flowering trees and include species such as walnut, oak, maple, mahogany, and cherry. They are durable and hard, therefore harder to carve into fine decorative details. They don't dent easily, though, and are heavier and more expensive since they are rarer than softwoods. Trees such as pine and cedar are softwood, needle-bearing trees. They are softer and easier to carve into decorative designs. A softwood surface can be easily dented or blemished. However, the good thing about solid wood furniture is that it can be refinished. Just sand it down and give it a new finish and it'll look good as new.

If you want to furnish with coordinated pieces, buy pieces made of the same kinds of wood. Most solid wood furniture is made with different kinds of wood to keep the cost down, so check out the dominant wood in each piece and shop for the rest of your furnishings according to the kind of wood your other furniture pieces are made of.

Versatility: - Since solid wood furniture will last for quite some time, it is important to get a design that will not look out-of-date in a few years. Go for versatile pieces to add more value to your purchase. Imagine your home 10 years from now. Would the design you want now still look good in your space 10 years later? Make wise furniture choices, both in design and style, because those pieces will grace your space for a long time.

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