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Sofa Shopping Guide

Sofa Shopping Guide

Are you ready to buy a new sofa for your home? Pull out the tape measure. We’re going to save you from the biggest mistake many people make when buying a sofa. They look at the sofas on the market and see the big, plush, and comfy sofa of their dreams. They get it wrapped up and have it delivered to their home. When it gets to their home, they find out that the sofa they were dying to have in their living room furniture collection is now making them miserable. It's too big and crowding out the rest of their furniture.

The first thing to do when shopping for sofas is measure the space you have to put the sofa in. That's it. You won't have extra room. If a sofa you are looking at doesn't fit within that space, you need to move on to the next sofa. If you have a tight doorway or live upstairs, you may want to consider the clearance you will have getting the sofa into your home. Take all of those measurements into account.

What will your sofa have to endure? You need to think about this as you consider the fabrics that can go into this furniture piece. If your sofa is going to be a place where you allow snacking and TV gatherings with the boys, or you have kids and pets that are going to think of the sofa as 'their space' you want to get a fabric that will put up with that kind of wear and tear.

When it comes to color – you may want to go neutral, like white or black sofas. While one color trend may be all the rage this year, next year, it will be old news and you don’t want to have to replace your whole sofa. Instead, choose a neutral colored sofa and you can dress it up with the latest color trends through throws and accent pillows. If your house is extremely mess and accident prone, or the place where everyone hangs out, all of your company will be rough on your sofa. Spills will probably be frequent. You may want to get a neutral material with a pattern that will hide stains or at least not make them overly obvious.

Finally, check into the seating measurements of the sofa. Some sofas, eg convertible sofas look as if they will easily hold three people, but are actually crowded if a trio try to take a seat. Check the seat measurement to make sure it will be a cozy, but not too cozy, fit.

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