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Silk Rugs Shopping Guide

Silk Rugs Shopping Guide

Looking for a more luxurious rug? Silk rugs would definitely be one of your choices. Why should you choose it over other types of rugs? First, silk rugs are made of fine materials and sport beautiful designs. High-quality silk rugs are usually crafted in Tibet, India, Iran, and Turkey. The designs usually include dragons, yin and yang symbols, and nature themes. Silk rugs also have contemporary designs, though those made in the above-mentioned countries exporting fine silk rugs usually have traditional designs.

If you're planning to buy a silk rug for your home, read on for shopping tips on how to choose the best piece. Just a tip before anything else - a silk rug would not be appropriate for areas that get a lot of traffic. It is not as hard-wearing as other rug types.

Ready for Helpful Shopping Tips?

Determine What Type of Silk Rug You Want: - Do you want a contemporary or traditional silk rug? If you want a traditional silk rug, what design would you want? Choose your favored design from rugs made in Tibet, India, Iran, and Turkey. If you have traditional furnishings, what would go well with what you already have? Do you need an eye-catching design or one that would blend well with your interior design without looking conspicuous? If you have a contemporary theme, choose one that will blend well with that theme.

Set Your Budget Before Starting Your Shopping Expedition: - Silk rugs are a bit on the pricey side. At least those fine-quality pieces are. It's important that you decide on a budget rather than start looking around for a rug and then deciding on whether you can afford it or not. There's a chance that you may spend more than what you can afford if you find a beautiful but pricey item. When setting your budget, take into consideration that silk rugs are more expensive than some other types of rugs. You can always check stores that offer sales and promos on rugs. Choose quality and affordability, not one over the other.

Check the Quality of the Rug: - If you want a handmade rug, check to make sure it is. Handmade rugs have fringes that are part of the rug itself while machine-made silk rugs' fringes are attached after it is made. Machine-made rugs also do not have knots. If you want to invest in a good-quality silk rug, pick out a handmade rug. They are unique and long-lasting.

To Make Sure You Have a Good Silk Rug, Buy From Reputable Rug Stores: - There are companies who have had years of experience making fine silk rugs. You can be sure that they have rug-making down to an art. However, this does not mean that you won't look into other products made by rug companies who are just starting out. The important thing is that you inspect the rug.

Other Helpful Shopping Tips

• Before buying a silk rug online, check what other customers say about the product or even about the company selling it.

• Make sure you know how to take care of your silk rug so that it will retain its beauty for a long time.

• Determine the size of the silk rug you want before heading out to shop.

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