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Rug Care Guide

You may think that your rug is as beautiful and as expensive as the ones you find in Buckingham Palace, but if not properly maintained, its beauty and elegance will be short-lived. Just like a person, your rug needs a lot of attention to be able to survive its long and arduous journey of handling feet traffic. Some rugs grow more beautiful as time goes by. As an owner of a beautiful and expensive rug, you have to know how to prolong its life and beauty.

Regular Check-Up and Maintenance: - Consider yourself a rug doctor. Make an effort to inspect your rugs from time to time. Do it as often as possible - at least once every quarter. Abandoning your rug means leaving it for moths and carpet beetles to feast on. Regularly check underneath to see if there are any larvae hidden. Shake and dust your rug to remove eggs and larvae that are stuck.

Protect your rug from the sun. Rugs can be very sensitive to sunlight. Exposing them to harsh UV rays might cause discoloration or fading over a certain period of time. Rotating your rug regularly evenly distributes the sunlight throughout your rug, maintaining a uniform hue. If your rug is extra sensitive to sunlight, consider using a UV-filter coating for your windows or thicker draperies.

Rotating your rug also distributes weight evenly throughout your rug. You might have noticed that some rugs are a lot thinner or more worn-out on one side. Changing the position of your rug from time to time will prevent this from happening.

Cleaning: - Don't let the dirt pile up on your rug. Make time for regular cleaning. This is actually for your benefit. If you clean it regularly, there will be less dirt, thus it will be easier for you to clean your rug the next time. Besides, leaving your rug dirty for a very long time will cause it to stiffen and lose its luster.

Dusting is the easiest way to clean your rug. There are certain ways to dust your rug depending on its type. Vacuum cleaners are often used for dusting wool rugs, silk rugs, or sisal rugs. Shag rugs are usually very easy to clean. You just have to shake them a bit to loosen the soil. Be careful in vacuuming the fringes of your rug to prevent shedding.

If you want deep-cleaning, you can opt to wash your rug. But keep in mind that washing a rug is different from washing ordinary clothing. You have to follow a different set of procedures. If you decide to wash at home, you have to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to get the best results. If you're not sure, you better call a professional cleaner.

Stains and Spills: - Act quickly when someone spills something or sticks chewing gum on your rug. Don't let liquids set in - it will make it harder to clean. Use a paper towel or any dry cotton cloth to absorb as much liquid as you can. Don't scrub the fibers of your rug, it might cause discoloration. If there is a stain, you can mix laundry detergent with warm water and blot the area until the stain is removed. Talcum powder, dry cleaning solvent, and white vinegar are also safe to use for spills and stains.

For chewing gums, you can use ice to freeze it, and then try removing it with warm water and laundry detergent. For shoe polish and asphalt, you can mix a dry cleaning solvent with warm water and laundry detergent.

Don't use baking soda or spot removers for your silk or wool rugs. Carpet spot removers are usually meant for synthetic carpets and might be too strong for natural rugs. Using these might damage your rugs.

Avoid putting potted plants on your rugs. Watering might cause water to spill. This often causes dry rot and mildew growth, which damages your rugs.

Storage: - Clean your rugs before storing. Remove any food or liquid material. Failing to do so will invite moths and other insects to dwell and feast in your rug. Wool fibers are their delicacy. Use an insect repellent to drive them away.

Don't fold your rugs as this will cause your rug to crack. Roll your rugs from bottom to top. The furry side should be inside for wool rugs, and outside for silk rugs.

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