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Rug Care Guide

Rug Care Guide

Each rug available on is truly beautiful. They add the finishing touch to any room in your home. When your new rugs arrive at your home, you should sweep up the floor where you are going to place your new rugs. Also, don't forget to take your shoes off before you walk on it. Your feet will thank you for it. Rugs act like a sponge soaking up salt and road oil in the winter time. In spring, the water, dirt, and mud you bring into your home can act like sandpaper on your new rugs.

When you take your rugs to get professionally cleaned, we recommend that you ask the cleaner if he has a "beater". This mechanized method of cleaning your rug includes hitting the back of your rug with straps to loosen and remove dirt from your rug before getting it wet. If the professional cleaner doesn't have a "beater", ask the cleaner to thoroughly vacuum both sides of your rugs before they are cleaned. Removing the dirt from your rug before it gets wet is critical since dirt wears away fibers in your rug like sandpaper. It's difficult to get mud out of your rugs.

We recommend that you get your rugs professionally cleaned every three years. You can treat spots on your rugs at home. With a lot of love, regular cleaning, and attention to spills and accidents, your rugs will look beautiful in your home for a long time.

Stain Removal Chart
Below this chart you will find seven stain removers that can be used by itself or with another stain remover.

Please note - When you apply the stain removers, blot or dab them onto a stain or spot. Do not rub the stain remover on the stain or spot. Rubbing will only make the stain or spot larger. You should try to work your way from the outside of the stain or spot to the center.

Stain Wool Acrylic Nylon Olefin Polyester
Animal Glue F F A/G F F
Argyrol A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Ball Point Ink B/C,then A/G B/C,then A/G B/C B/C B/C
Beer A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Catsup A/G A/G A/G F/A/G F/A/G
Carbon Black Vacuum/A/G Vacuum/A/G Vacuum/B/C Vacuum/B/C Vacuum/B/C
Chewing Gum C C C C C with Steam
Clay Vacuum/A/G Vacuum/A/G Vacuum/A/G Vacuum/A/G Vacuum/A/G
Cola A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Coffee A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Colored Paper A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Crayon B/G B/G B/C B/C B/C/A/G
Duco Cement B/C B/C B/C B/C Vacuum/B/C
Egg A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Enamel B/F/A/G B/F/A/G B/F/A/G B/F/A/G B/F/A/G
Food Dye A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Fruit Jucie A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Furniture Dye B/C/F/A/G B/C/F/A/G A/B/C B/C B/C/A/G
Furniture Polish B/C/F/A/G B/C/F/A/G A/G/C B/C B/C/A/G
Grape Drink A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G/C
Gravy A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G/C
Grease/Car C C C C B/C
Ice Cream A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
India Ink B/C/A/G B/C/A/G A/G A/G B/C/A/G
India Ink B/C/A/G B/C/A/G A/G A/G B/C/A/G
Iron Rust Vacuum D/G Vacuum D/G Vacuum D/G Vacuum D/G Vacuum D/G
Latex Paint B/F/A/G B/C A/G B/C B/C/A/G
Lipstick B/C B/C B/C B/C/A/G B/C/A/G
Merthiolate A/G A/G B/C B/C/A/G B/C/A/G
Milk B/C/A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Mustard A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Nail Polish     E F/B/C F/C
Oil/Car C C C C C
Oil/Paint B/F/A/G B/F/A/G B/C B/C B/C/A/G
Permanent Ink A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Plaster Vacuum A/G Vacuum A/G Vacuum A/G Vacuum A/G Vacuum A/G
Rouge         A/G
Rubber Cament B/C B/C B/C B/C B/C/A/G
Shoe Dye       B/C C
Shoe Pol.(Liq) B/C/A/G B/C/A/G A/G/C B/C C
Shoe Pol.(Wax) B/A/G B/A/G C B/C/A/G C
Tar C C C C C
Tea A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Tobacco       A/G A/G
Urine A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Washable Ink A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Water Colors A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G
Wax Candle Steam/C Steam/C Steam/C Steam/C Steam/C

Codes for Recommended Stain Removers
A - Detergent Solution - Mix one tsp. of neutral detergent and one tsp. of white vinegar in a quart of warm water.
B - Paint Remover - The paint thinner should not contain oil.
C - Dry Cleaning Fluid - Any common brand.
D - Rust Remover
E - Acetone - The acetone should not contain lanolin or lacquer thinner.
F - Alcohol - Use rubbing, denatured, or isoprophyl.
G - Water
Please Note - If there is no recommended stain removing procedure for a specific pile, call a professional rug cleaner. You can give them details about your stain to get advice on your specific pile.

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