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Recliner Upholstery Guide

Recliner Upholstery Guide

Lounging comfortably in the depths of a recliner is becoming an indispensable part of any home, even if it’s in the heart of the city or at the outskirts of a small town. Recliners offer different levels of comfort with different types of designs, including swivel, rocker, and glider.

The comfort a recliner gives and the aesthetic value it adds to your home is not just dependent on design but in the upholstery material as well. A good quality piece has to look good and feel good when you are using it. If you’re not sure which upholstery material to go with, read on because this guide will give you the basics on the most popular choices.

Leather is one of the classic materials in furniture upholstery. It is elegant, sophisticated, and breathable, which means that leather-upholstered furniture is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. All leather pieces are not made with the same grade of material though, as there are different types available.

Top grain leather refers to leather that has been buffed or sanded down with a layer removed to correct imperfections. This makes the material easier to manipulate or to work with. This type of leather is less breathable than full grain leather, which has not been sanded down or corrected. Top grain leather has a higher resistance to stains. However, make sure you read the recliner’s care instructions first before you use any cleaner on it as there could be materials that may damage the leather. Top grain leather furniture products are also generally less expensive than items made with full leather. If you want to furnish your home for less, this would be the ideal upholstery material.

Bonded leather is made with real leather combined with other materials. The resulting product looks like real leather but without the price tag of one. This is a suitable option for those whose main consideration when buying a recliner is price. Bonded leather is also called a vinyl product. It is stain resistant and therefore easier to clean and maintain than a piece made with 100% leather.

Fabric is another kind of recliner upholstery. Of all the various types of fabric upholstery available, microfiber is the most popular. This material is low maintenance as it is stain, lint, and scratch-free. It is also lightweight and more affordable. If your kids always bring over their friends over, microfiber furniture will enable you to rest assured that you won’t find damaged upholstery after the friends have gone home.

No matter which recliner upholstery you go for, the important thing is that you know how to clean and maintain them so that you can get more years from your recliner.

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