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Recliner Shopping Guide

Recliner Shopping Guide

If you want the ultimate relaxing chair in your home, you're in the market for a recliner. Do you know what to look for when buying a recliner? Here are some tips:

Size: – Recliner chairs can be found in many different sizes. You need to look at the room you are going to put the recliner in and decide what size of recliner is the best for your space. You don’t want an oversized recliner in a small room since it will make your room look even smaller.

Space: – Make sure your recliner will fit in the room. While many people measure the floor space where the recliner will go, they don't think about the fact that it will take up a lot more space when you are sitting back in the recline position. Measure the area where the top of the chair will recline and the leg rest will come up to see how the extended chair fits into your room. Wall hugger recliners might be a good solution. Also make sure to measure the openings to the room where your recliner will be going so you know if you can get it through the doorway.

Use: – Who will be using the chair most? There are a variety of recliners on the market that can handle almost any body style. Some recliners are general purpose ones, but others are made for people of differing sizes. Some recliners are created to be able to deal with taller people with a taller back and longer leg rest. Other recliners have a closer footrest for those who are shorter. Most have special construction designs to help them support excess weight.

Extras: – There are perks available with many recliners. Whether you want a rocking recliner, a leather recliner, fabric recliners, one with a built in fridge, or a number of other features, look around and check out your options. Just realize that as with anything else in life, the perks cost extra. Depending on which options you want, they will add some more money on the final price.

Getting Started: - You can browse recliners by different manufacturers to get an idea of the available styles. Check out Stanley Chair recliners and Mac Motion recliners to get an idea of what’s currently popular.

Question & Answers

I would like to have someone build me a recliner of heavy duty materials to stand up to real usage. I sleep in the recliner and sit in it. I'm pretty big @ 6'4" 230 lbs. I would use suede or some material like it for covering the chair. Can you help me? Asked By (Mr.) Dana Durec
We do not custom make recliners but do have recliners that will suite your needs. Our reclining chairs are listed here at: recliners Kelsey B. from WFB
How big of a recliner is needed for someone who is 5" 9", 175 pounds? Asked By Anonymous
All of our recliners listed here: Recliners, should fit your needs! Kelsey B. from WFB
I need a recliner with an added item for rising the height Asked By Marion Enners
We do carry a Power Lift Recliner that might suit your needs. Ginni S. from WFB

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