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Platform Beds in Canada

Platform Beds in Canada

Are you looking to find good quality and affordable platform beds in Canada? Here are some things to look out for to keep your quality up and costs down.

Platform beds are generally made from solid, heavy woods in order to provide better support and a more sturdy frame. Since they don't usually require a box spring, the extra cost for these hardwoods is usually justifiable. However, these hardwoods are heavier and usually make the cost for shipping increase. Keep in mind when you're ordering from a manufacturer in the United States you have to pay additional duties and customs fees to get your furniture across the border. You can expect to pay an additional 10% in customs fees. In some cases that's quite a jump in price!

To help avoid duties and customs fees look for retailers that offer Canadian made platform beds. If you're sold on a certain bed style from a manufacturer in the United States, do some research and see if they have any warehouses in Canada. The shipping will likely be much more reasonable!

If you're shopping online, look for retailers that are specifically for Canadians. If you shop from an online retailer (or order from a catalog) that is based in the US you will be paying extra with possible exchange and/or duties for your item. Don't let Free Shipping on US sites fool you if you live in Canada. The offer of free shipping usually applies ONLY to the Continental United States.

Be sure to find out if your area requires extra shipping fees. Some parts of the Yukon and Northwest Territories are hard to reach and shipping companies make fewer stops in those area's. Consider having your platform bed shipped to a metropolitan area where you can pick it up to save on costs. Sometimes you can justify the gas and sometimes you can't. Use your best discretion!

When you're shopping locally at a physical retail store, it's best to find out what's in stock in the retail warehouse. Consider buying show room pieces or accepting beds with small surface flaws. This will usually knock the price down and you can take it home almost immediately! Save on delivery by using your truck or borrowing a friends.

All it takes is some research and pre-planning to save on platform beds in Canada. Canadian made is the best way to go for saving money but if you're bent on using a manufacturer whose style fits yours always check for extra warehouses in Canada. It's best to find your manufacturer of choice before you decide on a bed if shipping costs are an issue, that way you aren't disappointed with your available options.

Remember, a bed is an investment and if you get the right one it can last for years. Canadian made beds are usually better for Canadian pockets. Check out available platform beds in Canada at Wholesale Furniture Brokers Canada's platform beds category.

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