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Platform Bed Ultimate Guide

Platform Bed Ultimate Guide

A Platform bed is not a new invention, it is a new twist on an old concept. The first generation of platform beds were essentially loft beds. As living became more luxurious, people preferred shorter and lower profile beds. Platform beds are often made either with wood or metal and can be very flexible when it comes to design. For instance, you can find platforms bed with both a headboard and footboard while others have nothing at all. In addition, platform beds may or may not be used with a boxspring. The use pillowtop mattress will eliminate the need of a boxspring on a platform bed. Thus, not only can you adjust the look of your platform beds, you can also customize the comfort as well. Although platform beds have different styles available, the prevailing style today is no doubt contemporary. Sleek design, straight lines, gently swooping curves, solid, easily discernible finishes and colors, simple and tasteful flourishes are all characteristics of contemporary platform beds.

Over the years, we have seen various forms of platform beds and variations make it even more attractive and appealing to customers. For instance, a platform bed can be manufactured with 4 posters on it to make it a "canopy platform bed". By choosing a proper material for your canopy bed, you can certainly create a romantic atmosphere and make your bedroom a favorite retreat. On the other hand, if you have tight space in your bedroom, then you will likely to favor platform storage beds, which essentially are platform beds with drawers underneath. You may argue that the concept of feng shui does not recommend things to be placed under the bed, but the percepts of modern living in tight spaces require space to be used economically.

If you have searched for all the possible platform beds online and yet still can not find the one you love, then you may consider building a platform bed yourself. Before you get started, you should decide on how complex you want your platform bed to be. Do you want a platform bed without headboard and footboard? Do you want to incorporate slats to completely eliminate the need for a box spring? Do you want to add canopies and storage devices to add more functionality to your bed? There are paid plans online to assist you building your own platform bed. You can also order plans from plan retailers such as woodworking clubs and furniture enthusiast groups.

The price of platform beds ranges from $300 to $2000. You probably want to get a luxurious bed with some sort of discounts. Discount platform beds are not hard to find; however, you need to be conscious when you search for discount ones online. Try to find out why this platform bed is selling at a discount. Is it because this style and design of the bed is outdated? Some merchants may advertise a discount platform bed but add the extra cost to shipping, so actually you are still paying the full price.

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