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Platform Bed Storage

Platform Bed Storage

Platform storage beds are platform beds with storage devices (usually with drawers) underneath them. Platform storage beds are a step in the more economical direction. While the precepts of feng shui recommend against objects being placed under the bed (because they disrupt energy flow, thus making for fitful sleep), the precepts of modern living in tight spaces requires space to be used economically.

Platform beds with drawers come in a few basic formats. Some platform beds with drawers have framework that allows the drawers to be attached to the bed system, even if you move the bed. These act like conventional drawers - more like a dress-and-bed combo. These are wonderful for storing things more permanently and privately.

The other option is to have drawers that roll on casters and slip under the bed where they are out of the way. These drawers can be moved all the way across the room, if need be.

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