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Platform Bed Plans

Platform Bed Plans

Have you ever wondered how to build a platform bed as an alternative to buying one at a retail store? Platform beds have a base that consists of a raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface meant to support a mattress. It have been preferred in Europe and Japan for hundreds of years.

Platform bed plans give you the option to build the platform bed the way you wanted.

Before you get started, you should decide on what style you like. You can choose to build a platform bed in the simplest form, which means it comes without a headboard or footboard and any other accessories. You may also want to know ahead of time that how you want to design the lines. For example, straight and Zen-like line usually represents Japanese platform beds.

Once you have decided on style, you can go ahead and build your own dream bed. Platform beds use slats instead of box spring to support a single mattress on the top. Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice as they function best on a flat surface. If you have never built a bed before, I would recommend you buy instructions from a local retailer specializing in home renovations; they can help you get on track on how to build a platform bed from scratch.

Do you want the platform bed to be more complex and customized? You can do one the followings:

  • Add a headboard or footboard.
  • Add strong and solid posters to turn it into a "poster platform bed".
  • Add the functionality of a storage space and turn it into a "platform storage bed".
  • If your platform bed has gently swooping lines, you can use it with a "tatami mat" to make it a "Japanese platform bed".

You can also visit our build a platform bed page to get some other relevant information.


Question & Answers

What width would a 76" mattress come in for a single bed? Asked By June Casey
Most twin mattresses are between 38" - 40" wide. Ginni S. from WFB
I'd like to build a platform storage bed for a queen-size mattress - what are the measurements of a queen mattress? Asked By Anonymous
The standard queen sized mattress measures 60"W x 80"L for North America. Wendy J. from WFB
Where on your web site are the plans to build a platform bed? Asked By Dave
Here is the instructional video on how to build a platform bed Wendy J. from WFB

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