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Patio Furniture Style Guide - Patio Tables

You're ready to make your backyard an extension of your home, and a place to entertain. The first thing you need is a place for everyone to sit. If you want to be able to have food and drinks out here, you also need to have a table. Depending on where you live and what you are going to put your table through, there are different kinds of patio tables that you may want to select for your patio:

Plastic Patio Furniture – Those watching their budget often opt for plastic patio tables to give them a place to be able to entertain without breaking the bank. If money is your main consideration, this may be the way to go. You need to know that a plastic table sitting in the sun will start to weaken and crack and will likely have to be replaced more quickly than other table options.

Wood Patio Tables – Want to get back to nature? This is the way to go. Wood patio tables are sturdy and look great. The only problem is that wood and weather are not always the best of friends. Over time, Mother Nature may start to weather the table and crack it.

Iron Patio Tables – Do you want a solid table? If you do, then iron is the table material you should choose. This table is not going to bend or move. It's solid. Iron can also be a very attractive addition to your patio. The exception to this is if you are near salt water. The salt and iron are not compatible. Your iron table will start to break down over time. Also, many iron furniture pieces are painted and that paint will have to be redone from time to time as it peels.

Concrete Patio Tables – Concrete is a little more versatile than you may have thought. While you've seen concrete used in flooring and in walls, you may not have thought of it as furniture. There are many tables on the market made of concrete. For the most part they are very strong and will put up with years of abuse from you and Mother Nature. The down side is if you need a flexible floor plan on your patio. These tables are going to take some work to move around.

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