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Outdoor Benches Style Guide

Outdoor benches are reminiscent of time spent outdoors. You always see benches in parks and other public outdoor spaces as they provide ample seating for those who want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Sitting in a park bench with family or with a friend is a familiar and cozy way of spending time outdoors.

Outdoor benches come in a variety of styles. If you are about to shop for benches for your outdoor space, learn more about the styles available so that you can make an informed choice as well as pick out pieces that match your other outdoor furniture pieces as well as your patio theme.

Wicker Outdoor Benches: - Wicker outdoor benches give your space a fresh, tropical look. They also have a unique and interesting character that is appealing not just for indoor spaces but for outdoor spaces as well.

Natural wicker outdoor benches are made of rattan, abaca, willow, reed, or bamboo. They are woven into different designs of benches and other outdoor seating. So long as wicker outdoor benches are properly maintained, they can last for many years. Since they are made of natural and renewable materials, they make a good furniture choice for those who want environment-friendly furniture. If you want to go the extra mile of supporting products made from sustainable materials, check the product's label if it indicates that the piece is made from plantation-grown raw materials.

Synthetic wicker is made with materials that are weather-resistant. They are durable and require less maintenance compared to natural wicker. You can just clean them with soap and water, make sure they are completely dry, and they’re good to go.

Wood Outdoor Benches: - Wood benches give your space a familiar and warm outdoor look. They inspire a country theme which provides a peaceful and uncomplicated atmosphere. If you want to have a rustic look for your outdoor space, a log outdoor bench would be a good choice. Benches in the Adirondack style are immaculate picks that would go well with your white picket fences. Unfinished teak benches would last durably for years and would have your outdoor space looking all natural. Glider and rocker benches would give you a more comfortable outdoor seating option.

Metal Outdoor Benches: - Aluminum benches are lightweight and therefore can be moved about your outdoor space with ease. This makes them ideal for those who always want to rearrange furniture. However, they wouldn't be good choices for windy areas. Wrought iron benches give a classic look to your space. They are heavy, durable, and stylish. Since wrought iron can be bent and shaped into various designs, you have a wide range of intricately designed and excellently crafted pieces.

Swing Outdoor Benches: - For a more relaxing experience, go for outdoor benches made in the swing style. These are suspended with chains on metal or wooden frames so you can swing to your heart's content. They can be made from either wood or metal and are available in various colors and designs. What makes them better than ordinary benches and swings is that you get to seat and lean back with a friend and swing away as you relax or catch up on each other's lives.

Some outdoor benches are made of a combination of materials. For example, a bench can have a wrought iron frame with a wooden seat and back. This bench design provides a warm and elegant atmosphere. An outdoor bench with a metal frame and wicker seats and back is classy with a tropical touch. An aluminum frame with fabric or synthetic seat and back is a contemporary choice for outdoor seating.

Pieces made of a combination of materials gives you wider design possibilities as well as enable you to furnish with pieces made of either of the two materials.

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