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Office Furniture Style Guide

Picture this: You enter a room and piles and piles of paper greet you in one area and desks and chairs block your way so that you don’t know what direction to take. Every time you try to move a bit, something bumps into you or hits you square in the face. Ever been in one of those offices that look more like a storage room? Then you may know how hard it is to work or even come up with a single idea. It's as if your mind is caught up in traffic with all the mess around you.

Having a more organized office space will help boost your work performance, not to mention keeping you sane. It might be a little challenging to do this if you have a very small office space. But with some tricks, you will soon have a more functional office.

Maximize your space - Utilize every nook and corner of your office. If you are maintaining a small home office, try converting your corners into your central work space. You may think that corners are only good for dust bins, but you will actually save a lot of office space if you use them efficiently. Try building sturdy shelves into the wall above your working space. These shelves can hold your printers, fax machines, and other equipment. You can also use tall cabinets or drawers to keep your files stored instead of using numerous small drawers that scatter along your floor.

Use furniture that fits the room - Buy home office furniture that fits your office space. If your office space is small, don't buy furniture that will take up most of the space. Some office furniture may look grand and luxurious but they don't have a lot of space to store your office essentials. They are just bulky with no actual purpose rather than their aesthetic beauty. Choose office furniture with simple designs. You can have narrower tables to save more space. Select cabinets that are less bulky but have the same amount of storage space.

Folding furniture is great for saving space. A lot of tables and chairs are designed like this. The good thing about folding furniture is that you can just stack them up or store them in a corner if you don't need them. You will be freeing up a lot of space this way.

Use multi-purpose equipment - When buying office equipment, try choosing the ones that have multiple functions. For example, you can buy a fax machine that already has a scanner and a printer. It may cost more at first, but it will save you more space in the end. Office equipment is rather bulky. Having too much in a small office will leave you no room to move around.

Organize - Keeping your office well-organized is the best thing that you can do to make your office look more spacious. Arrange your files neatly in a cabinet. If possible, don't leave too many scattered things on your table. It will make your office look more crowded. If you have any papers or files on your tables and office chairs, arrange them neatly in one corner. Are you the type of person who likes to display stuffed toys and other memorabilia in your office? Well, if it keeps you inspired, do so, but keep them at a minimum. You might want to put them on a wall shelf where they are out of reach to avoid crowding your work space.

Having a clean and organized office space will definitely improve your efficiency. As clean air circulates more freely in your office, you will be able to breathe in more oxygen which helps improve your thinking process. You will be able to accomplish more work as well as become more creative. Very often, a messy environment results in a cluttered mind - except for a few people who say that they can think better in a messy environment. If you are not one of those types of people, you need a more spacious and organized office space.

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