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Office Chairs Style Guide

Optimum productivity at the office doesn’t only involve a great working environment and a good night’s sleep. It is also affected by the electronic equipment we use and even the chair we sit on. We spend a lot of time sitting in the office, sometimes for eight hours straight. It is therefore important to have an ergonomic chair that helps us to perform optimally at work without sacrificing great furniture style.

Office chairs are available in different designs and styles. Design is mostly affected by functional and ergonomic considerations while style is dictated by our individual preferences in the aesthetic value of a piece. Office chair styles are not as extensive as other furniture styles. However, there is still quite a range of choices to choose from.

Read on to know the different office chair styles so that you can make a choice before actually going shopping. Knowing what style you want will definitely help in reducing the amount of time you spend looking for the chair you want as well as lessen the stress of going through an extensive selection process.

Contemporary Style Office Chairs: - Office chairs with a contemporary style are usually upholstered with fabric or leather. They can have steel or metal frames, though in most pieces, the metal frame is covered with a different material or painted over with a dark color. They come in simple designs. For chairs made of wood, they are stained lightly or applied with a light finish. The effect is a light, welcoming atmosphere that also spells comfort.

Modern Style Office Chairs: - These are made with plastic, steel, fabric, or leather. Most modern office chairs are made with steel frames. The metallic glare of the frame contributes to the sleek modern look inspired by the piece. These chairs usually sport a minimalist design. The aesthetic appeal of the office chair rests in a simple design that is greatly affected by ergonomic factors. With modern style office chairs, they may look like they sport a simple design but the design enables a person to sit properly and comfortably even for long hours. Function and style go hand-in-hand with modern style office chairs.

Traditional Style Office Chairs: - When we talk about other furniture styles, traditional style means a simple design with emphasis on functionality more than on aesthetic appeal. However, with office chairs, we’ll use the term traditional style to refer to a style that is made of wood and features high backs. They can be upholstered with leather. Some designs feature the tufted leather look. The frame is usually made of wood and can either have stationary legs like a regular chair or rolling legs.

For traditional office chairs with stationary legs, the legs could have simple carvings or design. For some pieces, even the arms and the frame of the back also have decorative details. This style of chair fits an ornate and deeply stylish office space. If most of your office furniture is made of wood and sports rich dark finishes, then this style of office chair would fit right in with your room design. Executive offices decorated in the traditional way, with heavy hardwood tables and dark shelves and storage furniture, usually have traditional style office chairs.

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