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Modern Platform Beds Style Guide

Modern platform beds are becoming more popular as the minimalist theme gains approval in today's chaotic and fast-paced world. After a stressful, hard day's work, we want to be able to rest in a bedroom that does not reflect the disorder or worries that we left outside of our homes. The minimalist theme reduces clutter in the bedroom, which makes it widely favored. The modern platform bed, because of its simple design, complements the modern minimalist bedroom perfectly.

If your bedroom needs a style upgrade, a modern platform bed would be the ideal choice. Its clean lines give the room an uncluttered, modern look. Before you head out the door to shop or start browsing online furniture stores, check out the modern platform bed styles available so that you'd know exactly what kind of bed to look for.

While modern platform beds all feature a streamlined look, there are three styles that you can choose from based on the atmosphere they inspire and the material by which they are made of.

Wood Modern Platform Bed: - When we say modern bedroom, some of us might assume that the atmosphere in this space is cold and impersonal. A wood platform bed would quickly erase that notion as it gives the room a warm and inviting glow that only wood furniture can inspire. Most wood modern platform beds, because of the lack of ornate or intricate designs, rely mainly on the natural beauty of the wood to contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the bedroom.

Wood modern platform beds can be made with solid wood or wood products such as medium density fireboard (MDF). Solid wood is more durable though more expensive. MDF products are more affordable but may not last as long as solid wood pieces.

Metal Modern Platform Bed: - Metal can be shaped or bent more readily than wood. This means that metal modern platform beds can be shaped into designs that cannot be copied by wood modern platform beds. A metal bed is a versatile choice. If you change your bedroom color theme, you can easily repaint the bed according to your preference. If your bedroom is a hodge-podge of brightly colored pieces, you can match the color of your bed without having to buy a new one.

A metal modern platform bed is sturdy and durable. It inspires an industrial atmosphere that goes well with a modern bedroom theme. However, if you wish to soften the metallic glare of a metal bed, you can use beddings in soft, neutral colors.

Upholstered Modern Platform Bed: - Upholstered modern platform beds usually have a tall headboard which is intended to serve as a backrest if you want to sit in bed. The upholstery is as much for style purposes as it is for comfort. The most popular upholstery used is leather, which gives the room a classy, sophisticated look.

An upholstered bed can feature plain upholstery or tufted upholstery. The former gives a clean, elegant look while the latter breaks the monotony of the tall headboard with an attractive tufted design.

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