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Mixing and Matching Dining Tables & Furniture

Just because a dining room table and chair set are often sold together doesn't mean you have to follow the crowd and buy the set that way. What if you really like one set of chairs and a dining table that isn't from the same grouping? Why should you have to choose? Trendy decorators would say you don't choose. You can have just what you want, as long as it works.

Mixing and matching is becoming more popular in buying furniture as people start to be more forceful in pushing for their own style in their home. If you are putting a lot of money down for the perfect pieces to finish your living space, why should someone else dictate how the pieces go together? They're not living in the home, you are. You make that call.

Before you just randomly grab pieces of furniture you like, you do have to make sure they go together. In dining room furniture, you need to take a look at the design of the pieces. The idea is to make the look better, not chose pieces that clash. So, if you have selected a dining room table that has sharp squared edges, you need to have chairs that match. For example, a set of chairs with swooping cabriole legs may be a little awkward looking with a square dining table.

Next, you need to make sure the table and chair height work with one another. Not all tables and chairs are made to the same specifications. A set of dining chairs may fit under one table, but if you move those chairs to another dining table, you may end up squishing your legs when you slide one of the chairs in. Pay attention to measurements of where the top of the chair seat is compared to the height of the underside of the table you are selecting. Since some folks have bigger legs than others, you should offer more room instead of cutting it too close. If you want a chair with more seating space, you can have that too. Look for chairs with a wider seat. Just make sure there is room around the dining table, you are looking at to fit the dining chairs you want.

Variety is the spice of life and can be the spice of your dining room. The key is to do your research and choose carefully to make sure the table and chairs you select not only offer the look you want, but also the comfort you need for long meals and social hours afterwards.

If you are looking for a stunning dining room set, you can start by checking out our dining room furniture for dining tables, chairs, and stools. After you have picked out a dining table, you can also order one of our table pads to help protect your investment.  Table pads by Ohio Table Pad Company are custom made to fit your table and protect it against accidental spills, scratches, and burns.

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