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Mattress Sizes - Choosing the Right Mattress Size

So you're ready to buy a new mattress. You enter a furniture store thinking that you have the right size of mattress in mind - you have a vivid picture of your bed in your mind. Your dilemma starts once you're face-to-face with the wide selection of mattresses surrounding you. All of a sudden, every mattress seems to fit right into your bed and you begin to wish you knew the "right" mattress size to buy.

This incident happens all the time, especially if you don't shop for furniture very often. The first thing you should do if you're planning to buy a mattress is to determine the exact size you need. There’s nothing more troublesome than getting the wrong product. You may be allowed to return it, but the time and effort you put into it cannot be replaced.

Beds and mattresses have different dimensions. Manufacturers have done a great job categorizing them according to their specific dimensions to make them easier to remember. Have you heard the terms twin size, full size, queen size, king size, and California king size and wondered what they mean? Most likely, they are referring to bed and mattress sizes. They may be hard to differentiate if you're a new buyer, but with a little introduction, pretty soon, you'll be an expert.

Twin Size (Single)

As far as beds and mattresses go, this is the narrowest of the group. With a standard size of 39”Width (W) by 75”Depth (D), the twin mattress has become the popular choice for kids’ bedrooms. If you have a small bedroom, this would be a great space saver. Since the standard twin size bed is a bit short for a lot of adults, manufacturers have developed the twin extra long size (twin XL) which is 5 inches longer than the standard twin size. This is a favorite in most college dorms since it is easier to fit into a small dorm room space. The only setback in choosing twin XL beds is that it is a little hard to find beddings that fit its dimensions.

Full Size (Double)

With a standard size of 54”W by 75”D, full or double size beds are just 15 inches wider than a twin size. Two kids might be able to fit on it, but this is just enough space for a normal adult to comfortably sleep in. If you’re taller than 5'5'' you might want to use the 54”W by 80”D or the XL version.

Parents are now interested in a full mattress especially if they have teenagers. Those who have small kids also like full size beds to help their kids feel more comfortable and have a better sleep.

Queen Size

This is probably the most popular mattress size today. They are approximately 60”W by 80”D, which is just right for couples to fit comfortably. With the additional 6 inches in width, it removes the discomfort that you usually experience using a full size bed. With 30 inches of personal space, it leaves you with 9 inches less space to move around compared to when you sleep alone in a twin bed.

A queen mattress will be great for guest bedrooms, smaller master bedrooms, or for couples who want to sleep closer with their partners. This will also be a popular hit for single sleepers who like the extra room.

King Size

King size beds are the best choice if you want to have the maximum sleeping space. The approximate size for this size bed is 76”W by 80”D - that's an additional 18 inches compared to a queen size. If you put two twin extra long size beds together, you’ll get the same dimensions. Another variation of the king size bed is the California king size which measures 72”W by 84”D - 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than the regular king size. This is intended for taller people.

King size mattresses are great if your kids have a habit of sleeping beside you when they have nightmares, or if they want to pop into your bed on Sunday mornings. This bed size is also ideal if you want your house pets to keep you company while you're asleep!

King size mattresses may be hard to manage sometimes. You might encounter problems navigating them through corridors, doors, and stairwells since they are very bulky. You also need to have a split box spring system or two twin-size foundations for added support. If you have smaller bedrooms, you might have to choose a smaller size since king size mattresses may not fit in.

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