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Log Furniture Shopping Guide

Log Furniture Shopping Guide

For those who want to enjoy a rustic lodge theme, log furnishings are the perfect furniture choice. Decorating with this type of furniture makes one feel like one of those pioneer settlers who built log houses or a hunter eager for the hunting season. Whatever scenario you're imagining when you step out of your home, log furniture brings with it an interesting design of comfortable country living.

If a relaxed country atmosphere is what you're trying to achieve in your home and you're all ready to go shopping for log furniture, read on for some tips on how to choose excellent items that would make your space well-decorated. Knowing the things you are to look out for will make your shopping experience less stressful, more enjoyable, and considerably shorter.

Log furniture can be of two styles including with bark and without bark. The pieces made with logs with bark look like someone just cut a few tree branches and made them into furniture. It is difficult to put a protective finish on this style of furniture because the bark may crumble away, leaving the piece exposed to the elements and to the accidental damage that may be inflicted on it. However, log furniture with bark gives a more pronounced rustic design compared to furniture without bark.

Log furniture without bark look more refined. It is also easier to apply a protective finish on this type of furniture, which prolongs its life and enhances the beauty of the wood grain. It also looks cleaner, though it can be easily damaged by scratches and dents.

When searching, for example, for rustic bedroom furniture, make sure that not all the pieces are made of logs without bark. This may result in a distracting. A combination of products made with and without bark gives you a better-looking interior space. You can have bigger items made of logs with bark while the smaller pieces can have a clean, bark-less look. This keeps the room design interesting and balanced.

Another consideration when buying log furniture is your budget. If you're working with a limited budget, look for stores that offer discount items. Browse through online stores since they offer a lot of promos to attract more customers. Take note of the good offers you find, compare prices, quality, and designs. Choose the log pieces that give the most value to your money, not the cheapest. There are furniture pieces that are cheap and shoddily-made or offered at a discount price because of minor damages, so be selective.

Consider the space you will furnish before buying log pieces. Some log furniture may be a bit heavy and bulky. If you buy a set without checking how they will fit in your room, you may end up with furniture lumped together in a small space without enough room to move about in. If you have a large area to work with, you may go for log pieces that are stained with a dark finish. If you have a small space, log furniture stained with a light finish may help give the illusion of more space in your room and create a lighter, fresher atmosphere.

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