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Lighting Tips for Your Home

The most magnificent pieces of furniture can look just ordinary if you don't have the right kinds of lighting in your home. You worked hard to make the rooms in your house look the way you wanted them to. Now, show them off.

Here are some tips on properly lighting the rooms in your home:

One of the best tips for getting the most out of your home lighting is to light in layers. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, the lighting needs in a room can shift dramatically. If you don't layer the lighting, you are only giving yourself an 'all or none' option. Besides regular lights, you can use accenting lights so you can highlight areas in the room that you want to stand out. You can also choose decorative lights that will add a beautiful touch and spread light in the room.

In the kitchen or the bathroom you may want to look into task lighting. These lights are going to brighten up the area where a task is going to be completed. In the kitchen the lights could be used under the cabinets to give you a little extra light when you're reading recipes and preparing the meal. In the bathroom, these lights will be great friends when you put on makeup.

In the bedroom, you don't want lights right over your head. Instead, a table lamp near the bed is better as it will allow you a source of reading light without the glare overhead lights may cause.

Don't forget the bedroom closet. Not all closets come with lights in them. If you want the best view of what's in there, you're going to need some lighting. If you plan on installing a closet light, make sure it's enclosed, so the hot bulb can't come in contact with any of the materials in the closet. If you have the space you may want to add a vanity and chair to your closet and turn it into a dressing room.

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