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Kitchen Carts Style Guide

We don't always have as much work space in the kitchen as we want. We may not have enough counter space or may have appliances and kitchenware placed all over the counters. Not all of us have room for the convenience of a built-in kitchen island. Not everyone has room for more storage cabinets and shelves to store the things that are littering the counter space. If you find yourself always trying to find space to prepare meals on in your kitchen, here's a smart answer: kitchen carts.

A kitchen cart is a mobile furniture piece which features storage space and counter space in one. You can wheel it into a convenient place near the oven or the gas range and keep it out of the way when not being used. Lock the wheels in place so that you can work on a stable counter top. Kitchen carts also have storage space such as drawers, shelves, and even wine racks.

If you're looking for a kitchen cart to make your kitchen even more functional, check out the styles available to guide you in making an informed choice. With so many choices, it will make your shopping experience easier and less stressful if you know exactly what you're looking for.

Traditional Kitchen Cart Style: - Kitchen carts in the traditional style have a simple design. Usually made of wood and with smooth and gentle lines, they provide your kitchen with the warmth that wood furniture is usually associated with. Some may have ornately-designed handles, which lends a classy and interesting traditional character to your kitchen.

Casual or Contemporary and Modern Style: - Casual or contemporary kitchen carts can be made entirely of wood or a combination of wood and metal. They feature a light, simple, and unadorned design that is functional without looking drab. Aside from drawers and shelves, casual or contemporary style kitchen carts also have hooks for pot holders and other kitchen accessories.

Modern kitchen carts are usually made of metal or a combination of wood, glass, and metal. They can be made with chrome and glass construction, wood and steel design, or metal with a stainless steel counter top. They have a sleek and fluid design that makes them both functional and stylish.

Professional Style: - Professional style kitchen carts are larger than other pieces made in other styles. They have storage spaces for everything a cook may need and even has storage especially made for knives, pots, and other kitchenware. When you prepare meals on this style of kitchen cart, you won't have to move from the spot because you can easily retrieve whatever you need from the kitchen cart's storage.

Kitchen Cart with Drop Leaf: - If you need more counter space than you have room to store it for, a kitchen cart with a drop leaf is a good choice. Pull up the leaf for additional table space, and then pull it back down when you don't need it.

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