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Kids Loft Bed Shopping Guide

A loft bed is an efficient way to maximize your kids' room. Your kids will love to climb up the ladder to the elevated bunk. It is a great way to give them a sense of having their own secret space, like being up in a tree house. The space beneath the sleeping bunk can be turned into a working area where your child can do homework or for younger kids, you can turn it into a play area. You can even boost the room's storage capacity by getting a loft bed with drawers built into the sides.

Buying your youngster a loft bed can be a bit of a challenge, especially with the growing number of choices available online. To make your shopping experience less stressful and more convenient, here are some guidelines on what to look for when buying one.

Safety First: - When buying kids furniture, safety is the most important consideration, even more important than design, style, and even affordability. Check to make sure that the loft bed you are getting has fulfilled government safety standards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a safety guideline for bunk beds that should be applicable to loft beds. Children under six years of age should not sleep on top bunks. However, manufacturers have come up with a junior size loft bed. It is designed for smaller children so the top bunk is lower to the ground.

Once you're sure that the product meets safety standards, check for yourself whether it is sturdily constructed. Shake the bed and go up on the top bunk. A good loft bed should be able to support your weight. If there's any movement or creaking noises, then look for something else.

Determine Your Kids' Room's Needs: - Do you need more storage space, a working station, or a play area? There are different loft bed designs that you can choose from depending on your needs. There are junior loft beds with slides for younger children and loft beds with a play area underneath the top bunk. Others have drawers built into the sides for more storage capacity thus enabling your child to keep a tidier room. If you need more sleeping space, you can get a loft bed with a trundle bed. Determine what your kids' room needs are so that you won't have to choose from a wide variety of loft bed styles that do not have what you want.

Do Some Research: - If you want to get a great deal, you need to do a bit of research. Check out the different choices available in the market and compare prices and features. This way, you'll know which stores can give you the best deals. Research will also tell you which products are on sale.

Buy From A Reputable Manufacturer: - Make sure that the company you buy from has reliable and established kids' furniture manufacturers. Reputable manufacturers have proven the quality of their products to their customers. Most of them offer lifetime warranties, guaranteeing the excellence of their products. Knowing that you're buying from a good company will help ease your worries about your kids' safety.

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