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Kids Furniture Shopping Guide

You may have an idea of the style or color schemes you are going to put into your child's bedroom, but have you thought about using bedroom furniture to make that space a little more organized? The furniture industry seems to have thought about almost everything when it comes to kids furniture. They have created furniture that kids not only love, but pieces that are also good for keeping their rooms clean.

The Bed - Kids beds don’t have to be just for sleeping. If you were to select a Captain's style bed, with drawers under the mattress, you'll have added a large amount of storage to the room without taking up any extra floor space.

Dressers - While tradition says kids bedroom furniture sets should have a dresser, there is nothing wrong with putting more than one in a bedroom. Many of today's kids are involved in all sorts of sporting activities and other extra curricular events that have specific clothing involved. Kids also need all the latest styles. That adds up to be a lot of clothes. If the clothes they have don't fit well in the drawers they have, it's a good idea to get a second dresser to make it easier to keep things organized.

Storage Chests - They used to be called toy boxes, but many of today's storage chests serve more purposes than just to store toys. While they could be used for this reason, they are also a great way to put other things away, such as winter clothes and sporting equipment.

Desk - Give children their own place to work. Many kids don’t have a space to do homework besides at the kitchen table. While this does help assure you can breathe down their neck until it's done, it would be better if they had their own workspace. Sometimes having a quieter environment is better for concentration and getting schoolwork done. The desk will also offer the extra bonus of being a place where they can store pencils, papers, books, and other school supplies so they always know where they are.

Where to Start - You should check out kids furniture from different manufacturers. Each manufacturer has their own styles that your kids may or may not like. For a popular choice, view Powell furniture to get started.

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