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Japanese Platform Beds Style Guide

A Japanese platform bed is an ideal choice for those who are looking to have a room with a modern touch and an Asian-inspired or Zen atmosphere. It features simple lines and incorporates Asian architectural elements in its design. It inspires a calming, peaceful, and exotic atmosphere which is favored with today's busy lifestyle.

If your room needs a breath of fresh style, it may be time to look into other bed designs. The bed is more or less the focal point of your room so it sets the style and the atmosphere for your space. Having a Japanese platform bed not only gives you an out-of-the-ordinary environment, it also inspires a more relaxing and rejuvenating bedroom.

A simple Japanese platform bed has swooping as well as straight lines and is fashioned after the traditional tatami bed. The combination of curved and straight lines in the bed design is said to encourage healing, well-being, and good fortune. This simple, no-frills design promotes a serene atmosphere that is reminiscent of being in a peaceful Japanese garden where one can just let go of the troubles and worries he keeps on his shoulders.

The use of tatami mats is a distinct feature of the Japanese platform bed. Tatami mats are traditional Japanese mats made of straw. They are used to keep the sleeper and the bed apart. However, tatami mats today are made of a combination of wood chips or synthetic material and soft straw. They are made in uniform sizes and can even be used as floor covering in a Japanese style room.

The more complex Japanese platform bed styles borrow elements from Asian architecture. Lines and design are suggestive of pagodas and other Buddhist-inspired structures. Although they also project a serene environment, they further enrich the room with a deeper character and a more pronounced, exotic feel. There are Japanese platform bed designs which feature a headboard and footboard made to look like temple structures. They combine Japanese architectural elements as well as the principles and design of traditional tatami mat beds.

Some Japanese platform beds feature two nightstands. In Asian design principles, having a nightstand on each side of the bed balances the energy in the room. It is also important to keep the space underneath the bed free of clutter so as not to disrupt the flow of energy.

If you want to have a Japanese style room to complete the peaceful and serene bedroom atmosphere, the Japanese platform bed should be complemented with tatami mats on the floor as well as the bed. Keep a good balance in the room so as to keep an undisrupted flow of energy in the room.

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