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Interior Decorating Shopping Guide

Sometimes we just find ourselves looking around our current home and thinking, “Maybe I should just move."

You've cleaned your house and then tried to enjoy it, but it still looks 'blah' to you these days. Instead of thinking it's time to give up this home and find a new one, maybe its just time for a little redecorating project.

Paint - Look at the walls. Are they part of the problem? Over the years crisp paint colors can fade and become much more boring than what they were in their heyday. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is enough to liven up a whole room. Before you start a massive repainting project bring some paint samples home and make sure they work in the room. Different lighting treats paint colors differently. What you liked at the store may not be so great at home.

Carpet – A dingy carpet can be a constant point of contention in a room. If it's a high traffic space and you haven't replaced that carpet in quite a few years, this may be where you need to look for a change that will make you once again love the room you're in.

Style – Maybe you've grown out of the style you had put in this room all those years ago and want something more modern. It's time to do a little style shopping, grab some home décor magazines, watch home decorating TV shows, and look at the model rooms on furniture and home décor websites. What gets your attention? Is there a style that you are drawn to? Maybe it's time to create a whole new room in your house.

De-clutter – The best way to figure out where you want your room to end up is to start back at the beginning. That means it's time to get all the extras out of the room. Vases, clocks, pictures, and all of the rest of those decorative items need to go away for now. Sometimes all those little extras can cloud the overall picture of how a room could look.

Furniture – Now that you have reduced the room to the main elements, the furniture, what do you think of those pieces? Are they still pieces you enjoy in your home? Have they seen better days? Decide what will stay and what will go, and it's time to go shopping for those new pieces. Take a look online to save yourself some time from going shop to shop looking for the perfect addition to your home.

Take the information you have gathered from this and look around the room you are in. Design a plan to take it from a drab room to one you love.

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