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Home Theater Seating Shopping Guide

Home Theater Seating Shopping Guide

If you're in the process of creating the home theater of your dreams, chances are you've spent a considerable sum on the best home theater technology you can get. You've probably got the screen with the best resolution and a sound system. Since you've already invested in quality technology, it only makes sense to go the whole nine yards and get the best home theater seating available.

For the ultimate home theater experience, shopping for theater seating is inevitable. If you've installed the hardware and are now looking into the home theater furniture, check out the following guide on what to consider when shopping.

What to Consider:

Type of Home Theater Seating: - If you are furnishing a combination home theater, family room, and den, you may want to go for casual furniture such as recliners, sofa sets, loveseats, and other pieces you normally find in a living room. You can arrange them or configure them in a way that everyone will be able to watch the TV screen comfortably and still be able to converse with each other without difficulty. However, if you want a more comfortable theater experience, you can go for loungers or recliners. You can just recline and put your feet up while you watch movies. These are luxuriously comfortable seats that give you other features such as cup holders and other accessories.

If you're more into the real theater experience, shop for movie theater seats. You can choose the configuration for your furniture, depending on your needs. Some models have added features such as massagers. Leather and fabric movie theater seats are available. If you have particular home theater seating needs, have your furniture customized.

Size: - When it comes to size, we're not just talking about the size of the theater seating. Take into consideration how many people will be using the room at one time. If you only have a few people, go for individual pieces of your choice of furniture, such as leather recliners and loungers. Arrange them properly so that the space won't look cramped and each piece has enough space to fully recline. If you plan to invite your friends and family to watch movies on the weekends, look for theater seating that offers more seating options for less room.

Don't forget to check the dimensions of the piece you're getting to see if it fits your space. Take into consideration the clearance between the wall and the piece itself if you're getting recliners. Make sure you have enough space in between seats and in the aisles.

Budget: - Set a budget before you go shopping so that you won't get something you can't afford at a time. Do some research as to which stores offer good quality theater seating at affordable prices. Always look for items where you get more value for your money.

Decorating Ideas

• Plan the layout of your home theater even before shopping for furniture. Your plan will guide you in getting the appropriate furniture for your space.

• Decorate with movie posters for a more authentic theater experience.

• Be careful in choosing lighting for your home theater as it greatly helps in setting the ambiance. If you need assistance, ask the sales person at your lighting store. If you're shopping online, call the lighting store's toll free number or send them an e-mail with your questions.

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