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Guide for Building a Deck

You love entertaining, but if you don’t have an outdoor entertaining space, you are limiting your options. How many times have you had family and friends over and looked out at a beautiful day you were missing because you had nowhere to put everyone outside? It's time to remedy that.

Creating a backyard entertainment area is not too hard. Just follow these simple tips:

Create The Perfect Yard – While you may not end up with this, think about all the things you would like to have in your backyard entertaining space. Write them all down so you can see how many you can incorporate into the final plan.

Decide On a Deck Size - There are a lot of things that go into this consideration. First, measure the size of your yard, since you don’t want to make it all part of the patio. Also take into account how many furniture items you want to put on your patio. Measure the patio furniture pieces you want and if you have a table and chairs, give each chair a few feet of space to move in and out as well as have someone sitting at it. You need to make sure you have the room to maneuver through the patio once the furniture is in place without feeling like you're in the midst of a maze.

One Room Or More? – Patios don’t just have to be a rectangle anymore. In addition to deck size, consider the shape you want your deck to be. You may want to make separate areas for separate functions. While you won't be building walls outside to separate the rooms, you can make steps up or down to show the change of venue.

Watch Out For the Sun - On a sunny day, you will need shade options to keep your guests from covering their eyes. If you don’t have a roof over the patio area, you will need to look into umbrellas that can be put on the top of the table to allow an escape from the sun.

Where To Put the Grill? – Everyone loves a meal off he grill, but not everyone likes breathing in all the grill smoke, before you put the grill in place, stand where you are planning on putting it and see if the wind will blow the smoke at or away from your guests.

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