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End Tables Style Guide

End tables are small tables usually placed on either side of the sofa or beside chairs. They can be used to put lamps and decorative items on. They are versatile furniture pieces that can round out your decor nicely or fill out bare spaces beside your living room set that look awkwardly empty. With the right choice of end tables, you can bring in a new level of stylishness to your space and even wow friends and family with your fine taste in home design.

If you're raring to go end table shopping, read this guide first to get ideas on what styles are available and what would go best with the rest of your furniture. Knowing what style you'd be buying will definitely save you time.

Modern End Tables: - This style is for those who are always looking for new and up-to-date home furnishing designs. Modern end tables can be made of steel, chrome, glass, or plastic. They are usually made with sleek and edgy designs and give any room a smooth look. Wood designs come in black and white, which are easy to match with other living room furniture pieces. They can also feature espresso or coffee finishes.

Contemporary End Tables: - These pieces usually come in warm wood designs. The beauty of the wood grain is magnified by the finish applied to the pieces. They project a welcoming and inviting air and give the room a softer, homier look. They can be stained with a dark finish for a deeper character or a light finish for an airy and fresh living room atmosphere.

Cottage End Tables: - Cottage end tables are usually wood designs that inspire a rustic, country look. They can comfortably complement log chairs and wood living room sets. Put decorative items on these pieces and you'll have a beautifully furnished space with an interesting cottage feel.

Art Deco End Tables: - End tables in this style have a vintage look. They are simple designs that strongly follow geometric shapes. They can come in colorful finishes to provide an interesting air to your space.

Antique End Tables: - These end tables have Victorian or classic designs and will fit perfectly in an ornately-styled living room. They usually feature intricate designs. Some also have elaborate carvings and even storage drawers. Antique end tables may be expensive but you can also check out antique stores for great bargains. If you can't afford real antique pieces, you can opt to get pieces made with an antique design. Depending on the materials used, these furniture items will also last a long time.

End tables are versatile pieces that can be used to place various small items on. Their design can complement and match those of the other items in the room to come up with an overall room design that reflects your own fine taste in home furnishings.

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