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Dorm Room Checklist

You're getting ready for school and you got a new dorm room that you're going to live in for a couple semesters. Have you thought about what you need? You can start with the sleeping and studying essentials - a bed, mattress, and desk. You should find out if any of the essentials are included. If they are, check if they are worn out. You might want to snag some new, more comfortable stuff. There are lots of budget friendly products available online to help you create the coolest dorm on campus. Once you have your essential items, you can look at living luxe with new eating and relaxing stuff.

To help you with your sleeping, studying, eating, and relaxing dorm furniture essentials, we've created a dorm room checklist you can follow. Click on the links in the checklist to find some amazing deals on items designed for your dorm.

A. Sleeping

B. Studying
Office Chair
Table Lamp
Book Shelves
Occasional Tables

C. Eating
Dining Table
Bar Stools

D. Relaxing
Convertible Sofa
TV Stand

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