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Dorm Furniture Style Guide

If you've just started college, your dorm room is where you'll be sleeping, studying, entertaining, and resting for the next few years. If you have been in college for quite a while now, you understand that though you won't be staying in a dorm for a long time, it is the place you can call home while you're studying so there is a need to make it comfortable, functional, and even stylish. You may not be able to furnish your way to a dorm room that has all the comforts of home but you can decorate your space with pieces that will give you the basic necessities and perhaps even more.

Shopping for dorm furniture is exciting if you are shopping for your own space for the first time. Dorm furniture comes in a variety of designs and styles. Before you head out the door to shop, take a little time to learn about the different dorm furniture styles so that you'll have an easier and less stressful time choosing your furnishings.

Modern Style: - Dorm furniture in the modern style features pieces made of metal and glass. These usually sport a streamlined look and are sleek pieces that are crafted with a minimalist theme. Metal bunk beds or loft bunk beds may come in different colors, though if you want a modern look, you can go for white or dark-colored pieces and add in decorative items in bold colors. Modern style computer desks have metal frames and glass shelves and table tops. Chairs can be made of metal, plastic, and glass.

Pieces with an industrial look are made to look less smooth and sleek and usually come in gray hues. You can furnish with colorful decorative pieces or wall art to keep your dorm room from appearing monotonous.

Traditional Style: - Traditional dorm furniture is designed with utmost consideration to their functionality and design. However, this does not mean that comfort and good furniture taste are sacrificed. They are wood pieces that are crafted with intricate lines and with decorative ornamentation. They are available in various colors and designs so you won't have difficulty looking for pieces that will fit your color scheme.

Contemporary Style: - If you want a little modern vibe but without losing the warm look of your space, a contemporary style may be what you're looking for. These furniture pieces can be constructed with wood, plastic, or a combination of wood and metal. They are made with simple designs and have gentle lines and curves.

Most dorm rooms have limited space so choose furniture that offers multiple functions such as loft bunk beds. Most dorm furniture come in simple designs and styles since heavily ornamented pieces contribute to an overcrowded look for your room. Don't buy pieces you don't really need because space is a premium in dorms. Furnish with functionality and style in mind but do not forget to decorate with a little creativity.

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