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Dining Tables Style Guide

In most homes, the dining table is the focal point of the dining room. It is where your family and friends gather around to share meals during the holidays and special occasions. It is therefore important that it sets the tone for your taste in furniture. After putting much effort in properly landscaping your front lawn and carefully furnishing and decorating your living room, you would want your dining room to live up to the level of great home design that your other spaces have so far impressed on your guests.

Finding the dining table where you’ll have memorable times with friends and family is sometimes a tricky undertaking. With such a wide range of choices, we are sometimes tempted to just go with the first table we see, whether at a traditional store or at online shops. The thought of having to choose from so many styles may very well induce a headache. To make choosing the right piece easier for you, here are some of the dining table styles available in today’s market. Check them out and decide which one you want to go with.

Contemporary and Modern Style Dining Table: - Contemporary dining tables sport simple designs but have gentler and softer edges compared to modern tables. Some pieces are made of wood and glass, which is a good combination. The wood gives a welcoming touch while the glass table top has a sleek modern touch.

Modern dining tables have clean, simple designs. Some adhere to the minimalist design, which greatly helps in giving your dining room a neat and organized look. Sleek designs usually feature glass and steel pieces. These are ideal for dining rooms with limited space.

Country Style Dining Tables: - A country style dining table is made of logs or rough pieces of wood and projects a rustic, country feel to your space. This style of dining table, though it may look a little rough around the edges, is crafted with precision and careful attention to the overall feel of the piece. Together with some log chairs and a few decorations such as those you normally see in country lodges, you will have a dining room that reminds you of warm, home-cooked meals and fun summers with the family.

This style of dining table is normally left without finish or is stained lightly so that the beauty of the log piece is displayed to its natural advantage. It is normally handcrafted. The chips and nicks in the piece which may have been inflicted during its manufacture add to the natural look of the table.

Classic or Antique Style Dining Table: - A classic or antique style dining table is made of wood. It is usually heavy and has a deep stain or finish that gives it a rich look. It has ornate decorations and intricate carvings. Even the legs have tapered designs and even carvings. A dining room with classic or antique style dining table has an atmosphere heavy with character.

A Victorian style dining table falls under this category. It is usually made of hardwoods such as mahogany and oak. Its rich finish gives it a glow. It also has intricate decorative details such as the acanthus leaf design, which was popular in Victorian times. Queen Anne is another classic dining table style. It has a graceful design and usually sports cabriole legs with a foot connected to three lobes. 

Traditional Style Dining Tables: - Traditional style is exemplified by its simplicity in design. Mission style and colonial style dining tables are examples of the traditional style.

The mission style dining table features simple horizontal and vertical lines. The table itself is unadorned and crafted from wood, usually oak. The beauty of the grain of the wood is the primary feature of the table. The simple design makes it easy to match with other dining room furniture pieces. The warm atmosphere inspired by wood makes it a good choice for homes that have the kitchen and the dining room in one space as well as for those who lean on the traditional home theme. The colonial style dining table may have simple carvings or design, which give a light charm to the piece. It is usually made of wood, thus projecting a deep character to any dining space.

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