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Dining Table Pad Shopping Guide

Dining Table Pad Shopping Guide

When you purchase your dining room table, you fully intend on owning that piece of furniture for a very long time. However, many people do not take the precautions necessary to ensure their table will remain in good shape. I'm not talking about pricey property insurance or a high-priced furniture repair specialist, simply a custom-sized dining room table pad. This preventative fixture can keep your table protected against scratches, spills and accidental heat sources. Of course, the protection you get is based on the type of table pad you get. These vary from soft covers to rigid-surfaced pads. You can start with a simple cloth or vinyl, hard plastic, waterproof weave, soft felt or wool (primarily used for poker tables). Table pads and covers can range from $30 to $300 for an average-sized table.

So which type is right for you? You may base your decision from a few different points of view. First, why are you thinking of a table pad cover? Do you want to keep your table in perfect condition? Would you use it daily? Are you worried about specific damage from daily mealtime accidents? You may only need something as simple as hot pads, to place your hot dishes or pots and pans on when serving a meal. However, this does not protect your entire table and are often too thin to protect fully from many heat levels. Another question, what is your table itself worth? Surely you wouldn't spend more on a table pad cover than the actual value of your table. If your table is one-of-a-kind or a family heirloom, I would highly recommend a quality table pad cover for its protection and your peace of mind.

Higher end table pads are custom made to fit your  metal, wood, and glass dining table. If you are visiting a store, business or contacting a website, be sure to find out as much as you can about your table. Do you know who manufactured the table? Do you know the name or item number of the table? Take the measurements of your table from end to end, edge to edge and between any unusual curves. Make a scale drawing of your table to explain to your representative. It may sound complicated but you want to make sure the table pad, especially when it is a custom table pad, fits your table perfectly.

To know more about dining table pads and dining tables, you can visit our  main dining room furniture gallery.

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Have any tips on measuring a table for a custom made pad? Asked By Anonymous
If you would like you call our Sales Department at 1-800-971-4493 and we can assist you. Please also note, it is important to note the Make and Model of your table if you can. The Ohio Table Pad company keeps table patterns and if they do not have your table on file, they will mail you a tracing kit to ensure you get the perfect fit! Wendy J. from WFB

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