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Dining Room Furniture Style Guide

No other room of our home expresses our hospitality and elegance quite like the dining room. We need to design it in such a way that reflects the "character" of the house. The variety of styles gives you an opportunity to make a unique impression.

A traditional dining room set will generally display elegantly designed carvings on the table edges, legs and base. The chairs will feature a matching style on their edges and back. Manufactured much differently today, they are designed to mimic the features of hand-carved furniture from centuries past. Many dining room furniture sets today are sized appropriately to fit in today's modern home but still maintaining their elegant designs, without the bulkiness seen in heirloom pieces.  The traditional dining room set featured is the Westminster dining table with leather upholstered chairs by Coaster Company.

Contemporary dining sets feature the more modern, sleek design that have brought about a wave of slightly more affordable furniture designs. These sets are often made with simple, straight line designs and feature pre-dominantly darker colors like cappuccino. The basic design has been modified in many different ways, incorporating butterfly leaves, frosted glass accents and helped pave the way for inexpensive bar tables and chair sets.  The featured contemporary dining room set is the Cicero dining table with Westport chairs available exclusively at Wholesale Furniture Brokers. 

It is left up to the individual which dining room would best suit their home and portrays their personal style. It is important that the set is the right color, design and function for your needs.

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