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Decorating Your Family Room

A family room is not just another room in the house that you have to decorate if you want to make your guests’ jaws drop in sheer admiration of your interior design skills. As a family, this is where you’ll spend time with everyone in your family. We’re not just talking about watching television together. You can ask after each family member’s day, catch up on things, do fun things together, and plan stuff like where you’ll go for your next vacation. The family room is also where you will welcome your guests. It is therefore critical that it is one of the better-decorated rooms in the home. After all, not all of your guests can check out your bedroom or your kitchen, but most of them will see the family room or living room.

When decorating your family room, you can ask other members of the family for ideas as far as the theme. You can list down all suggestions and then vote on which theme you should adapt to. This way, even decorating your space will give you an opportunity to bond with each other as well as show respect for each other, in the case of those whose suggestion was not picked out as the family room theme.

Paint the walls with a neutral color if you foresee that you’ll be redecorating a lot in the future. However, if you love warm colors and would like to paint your family room in different shades of orange, red, and yellow, go right ahead. You can always repaint the walls in the future.

Don’t underestimate the charm of paintings and decorative wall art. Not only do they add character and interest to a room, they also give your space a richer depth that cannot be achieved with just great furniture.

If you have empty spaces and bare corners, add occasional tables to complete the look of the room. In doing this, you don’t just increase your family room’s level of style, you also increase functionality. Put decorative items on top of occasional tables to add to a room’s appeal. Family pictures can be displayed on a shelf or even on top of the accent tables.

When decorating, you can stick with just the one theme or you can also check as to which styles complement each other so as to have a more interesting interior design. A modern minimalist family room can accommodate a Victorian table lamp for a more interesting combination. Meanwhile, a warm, contemporary-styled room would not raise eyebrows when a vintage accent chair appears at the corner of the room.

Make sure you have fun while decorating. Make it a family activity. Ask everybody in the family for suggestions on how to decorate with a limited budget or how to best put your resources to good use. You can even use everyone’s help in looking for quality furniture offered at affordable prices. Your family room won’t be just another room in the house but a well-designed space that brought your family closer.

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