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Decorating Ideas for a Living Room

The living room should be decorated with great care and attention to the overall atmosphere it inspires. It is where you receive friends, family, and guests and therefore should reflect your particular decorating taste. Whether you're working with an empty space or getting bored with your existing living room design, it will be a personal and exciting experience to transform it into a haven that you'd be proud of. Just make sure to go at it with a few tips and your limitless creativity.

First off, choose a focal point for your living room. It is where the attention of anyone entering the room is immediately drawn to. It could be an architectural point such as large, sunny windows or a fireplace or it could be a piece of furniture or AV equipment, whatever you want as the best feature of the room. Once you've decided on a focal point, you can determine the placement of your furniture. Place them strategically so that the focal point can be displayed to its best advantage.

When arranging your living room furniture, make sure that you leave room for pathways. This will ensure that anyone can come and go without having to disrupt conversations. If you have to place furniture near windows or doors, leave enough room so that the portals can be opened or closed without distraction.

If you’re working with a small room, paint your walls with a light color so that it will make your space look bigger. It would be advisable to paint with a neutral color so that you don’t have to repaint every time you change color schemes. You can get airy curtains to let in more light for a brighter room. A big decorative mirror will be a good addition but be careful not to hang it in a spot where people always see their reflection. It could be distracting and may make people uncomfortable. If you have a bigger room, then you can have more than one focal point and activity area.

You can use rugs to accessorize the room. If your style is on the casual side, get a simply-designed rug rather than one with a fancy pattern so as to keep the breezy atmosphere. If you have neutral-colored furniture, you can get accessories in bright colors to add more life and zest. Boost the character of the room with decorative pillows in patterns and designs that will complement your living room set nicely. Bring the freshness of the great outdoors with a flower arrangement or with ornamental plants.

In selecting wall décor, you can choose one or two big pieces rather than several small ones. It will make the room less cluttered. You also don’t have to make use of every available space. Leave some breathing room so it wouldn’t be too stuffy and crowded.

Tastefully decorating a living room where your family and guests can feel cozy at is not difficult. You just have to commit yourself to it and keep in mind ideas from other people while incorporating your own original designing concepts.

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