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Daybeds Shopping Guide

Daybeds Shopping Guide

Daybeds are versatile furniture pieces that add functionality to any space. During the daytime, they can be used as sofas where you can entertain guests or just rest on while you read a book or watch TV. When you need the extra sleeping space, you can easily convert it into a bed. You get the functions of two furniture pieces for the space of one, thus maximizing the use of the area it occupies. You can also use a daybed to add to the aesthetic appeal of a room.

These functional furniture pieces are available in different designs, styles, and colors and constructed with materials such as wood, metal, or a combination of those. If you're shopping for a daybed, going through the diverse choices may be a little bit tiring, especially when you're not sure about what kind of product you want. To make things easier for you, here are a few tips on what to consider when selecting a daybed.

Shopping Tips:

Determine What Kind of Daybed You Want: - Do you want a regular daybed or one that has other features that increase its functionality? Some daybeds are designed with storage drawers underneath the frame. You can keep your space organized by storing magazines, bed sheets, and even clothes that you don’t use often in the daybed’s storage drawers.

If you need more sleeping space for when you have family staying over or when your kids have sleepovers, go for the daybed with a trundle unit. The trundle comes in two types: the pop-up trundle and the drawer trundle. The former lets you convert the piece into a bigger bed while the latter gives you another bed which is the same size as the daybed.

Choose a Design For Your Daybed: - As with other kinds of beds, daybeds come in a variety of designs and styles. Modern, contemporary, antique, classic, and even vintage daybeds are available. This piece of furniture has been in existence since the 5th or 6th Century AD and its design and style has evolved through the centuries. You have a wide range of choices so don't limit yourself to the more contemporary designs when you want an antique one. If you don't have the time to go through antique shops, you can buy items made in the antique style.

When Shopping, Stick to Your Budget: - Fix a budget before you head out to shop so that you won't end up buying something that you can't afford. If you find a piece and it's above your price range, don't fret. Check if the same design is available in other stores and if the price is lower. Or you can always look for a different item that does match your budget. There are plenty of sales and promos offered by furniture stores so take advantage of them.

Additional Information About Daybeds

• Most daybeds come in a regular twin size design.

• The frame can be made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. Wicker daybeds are also available for a tropical touch.

• A daybed is made of the frame and the mattress support. The trundle unit and storage drawers are optional features.

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