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Creating the Perfect Dining Room

Very few modern day homes keep their dining room as a space only to enjoy meals. Most dining rooms actually could be called a number of things including the homework room, the bill-paying room, the game room, or the social room. Dining room tables have taken on a number of roles in recent years. Much like any other open space in the house, when there was a need for a new space to get something done, the dining room ended up being that place.

So, how do you make sure your dining room is going to be able to serve all the roles you ask of it?

When creating your dining room, consider the size of the dining room table compared to the space in the rest of the room. A good fit makes for a good social atmosphere. If the table is too big for the room, people may feel uncomfortable in the space. The same is true about a dining table that is too small for the dining room it's in.

Comfort is very important. If you are going to have a bunch of friends over for dinner, it will likely linger into dessert, coffee, and a lot of conversation at the table. You don't want to cut the conversation short, just when it's getting really good, because your guests are uncomfortable. Make sure you get chairs with adequate padding, so your guests enjoy their time. This padding shouldn't just be on the seat, but also the back of the chair, so it's a comfortable place to lean back and really get into the conversation.

The tabletop surface needs to be strong. You will be asking this space to put up with everything from game pieces to sliding dinner plates and kids scribbling on a homework page. If you choose a tabletop that has a softer wood, you need to make sure to invest in a protective dining table pad to keep your table surface from being damaged.

Dining Room Furniture Pieces

Dining Table: - The dining table is one of the furniture pieces in your home where you most often gather together with friends and family to share meals and just spend time together. It is therefore important that you choose a dining table that is durable and fits your needs and your space perfectly. The size of your space as well as the number of people who would be using the table should tell you what size and shape to get. If you are going to seat three or four people, a square table would be a good choice. A small space would fit a round table well. It can fit as many people as you have chairs for and would encourage better dinner conversation since you can see the person you are talking to. If you have a large room and you intend to seat many people, a rectangular table would be a good purchase.

The drop leaf table and the extendable table are good options for those who have limited room yet need additional table space for when friends and family come over for dinner. You can just put up the leaves when you need more space and pull them back down when you are not using them.

Seating: - You can choose from arm chairs, dining chair, and stools. You can even choose folding chairs if you do not have a lot of space. Be sure to leave enough room around the table for each seat occupant. About two feet of space for each chair should be allotted.

China Cabinet: - For easier retrieval, you can keep your china in the dining room. However, china cabinets can accommodate more than just your china. You can also keep utensils and other dinnerware in drawers and other storage furniture.

Serving Cart and Sideboard: - If you need help getting dishes from the kitchen to the dining room, a kitchen cart would be a good furniture choice. The cart can also have drawers for dinnerware and even racks for wine. Make sure you choose a stable cart, one that will not wobble when you put things on its table top. If you need more storage space, a sideboard would give you ample room with its shelves and drawers.

Dining Room Furniture Styles

Dining room furnishings are available in various designs and styles. There is a wide range of choices where you can pick out pieces that appeal to your design and functional needs. To have a better idea of what styles are available in the market, read our Dining Room Furniture Style Guide. You would be able to make an informed choice and would be able to furnish with furniture that speaks about your flair in interior design.

Decorating Tips

• For a fresh dining area, decorate with ornamental plants in decorative pots and vases. For table decorations, flowers would be a lovely choice. Floor plants can be positioned in the corners of the dining room or near windows for an even fresher atmosphere.

• If you have a small dining space, put light curtains on the windows and paint the walls with a light color. This will give the illusion of a bigger space.

• If you want a cozy diner feel for your dining room, get a breakfast nook. Furnish with stools and light the space up with appropriate lighting.

• To protect your table from scratches and accidental spills, get a table pad that is custom-made for your table. You will be able to delay the wear and tear on the table and preserve its charm for a longer period of time.

• If you want a change of atmosphere, rearrange the furniture and even change the lighting. Put fresh curtains with a different design and color on windows.

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