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Contemporary Platform Beds Style Guide

A platform bed is a popular choice with today's bedroom furnishing needs. It is the ideal choice for those who have limited space. Because of its low profile design, there is a bigger space between the bed and the ceiling, which makes the room appear larger. The bed's clean and clutter-free design goes well with the minimalist theme that is also growing in popularity.

The contemporary platform bed features a design with simple lines and gentle curves. It contributes largely to making the bedroom a peaceful sanctuary where you can catch up on your reading, relax in a clutter-free environment, and get a refreshing night's sleep. The serene and orderly atmosphere it inspires is widely favored in today's busy and sometimes chaotic world.

Contemporary platform beds come in different styles. Check out the available styles before going out to shop for your bed so that you'll make the right choice for your bedroom space.

The first kind of style is the metal contemporary platform bed. It is made of either steel or metal. Since metal can be bent or shaped, metal beds feature versatile designs that cannot be duplicated by wood pieces. If you wish to change the color scheme of your room, you can easily repaint the metal bed to match your new design. It is very durable and can last for many years. You can even adjust the height of the bed as metal contemporary platform beds have different height settings for the platform.

For those who want to incorporate Feng Shui elements in the bedroom, metal is one of the five elements associated with this Asian philosophy. A metal bed would help in mental intensity and intellectual abilities.

The next style is the wood contemporary platform bed, which is made of either hardwoods or softwoods. Hardwoods include maple and oak. They usually have a dark finish that sets off the beauty of the grain nicely and makes the piece easy to match with other furniture pieces. Softwoods are trees such as pine and aspen. Contemporary platform beds made of softwoods are more affordable than other beds. They can be left without a finish so that the consumer can apply the finish he prefers.

As with metal, wood is an element associated with Feng Shui. If you subscribe to this Asian way of furnishing your bedroom, a wood contemporary platform bed is a great addition. According to Feng Shui principles, wood helps to inspire energy such as passion, inspiration, and motivation.

Another style which gives an exotic and tropical feel to a room is the bamboo contemporary platform bed. It is stylish, fresh, and affordable. Bamboo grows more rapidly than hardwoods and softwoods and is a more sustainable source of raw materials.

Some contemporary platform beds are upholstered, usually in leather. Most upholstered contemporary platform beds feature the tufted design, which gives an interesting and tasteful look to the room. Leather can come in different colors so it is also easy to match with other pieces.

Whichever style of bed you choose; your bedroom will be enriched with it. Just make sure you get one that complements or fits your bedroom design.

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