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Console Tables Style Guide

A console table is a versatile piece of accent furniture that is designed to be placed against a wall. You can put one in the entryway to put down your keys and other small items on when you come into the house. Place one in the hallway to break the monotony of the bare space or put a piece in a corner of the living room to put decorative items on. It is functional furniture that can be used to furnish your space with elegance and style.

If you've come to a decision that console tables would not only make your bare spaces functional but would richly complement your home design, you're almost ready to go furniture shopping. Read on to know the various console table styles so that you'll be able to determine what your space needs before you go out to shop.

Modern Console Tables: - The modern console table is usually made of glass since glass is considered a modern element in home design. You can have your choice of the kind of wood the legs are made of. It would be sensible to choose a piece made of the same kind of wood as other furniture pieces in the room. However, if you can't find a table that matches the other furnishings in your home, choose one that comes in a similar finish.

A console table's shape is also a determining factor of the style it inspires. Modern pieces usually feature a simple and sleek round or square shape. It usually has less or no decorative details. The appeal of the modern style is in the shape and beauty of the material it is made of.

Another modern element is color. Modern console tables are usually black or white. The monochromatic color goes well with modern elements that are usually of black or white color. Dashes of bright colors can accent modern pieces. For example, if you have a black console table, you can put colorful decorative ornaments on the table top.

Contemporary Console Tables: - The contemporary console table can be finished with warmer colors. It can be made purely of wood or it can have a glass top. Wood has a warm and inviting appeal that goes well with a contemporary theme's cozy look. To accentuate the beauty of the wood grain as well as emphasize its warm quality, the contemporary piece can be stained with a light finish. It can also have decorative details that are not too intricate or too heavy.

Traditional and Classic Console Tables: - The traditional style features a no-frills console table design. It can be stained with a light finish and does not have decorative details of any kind. On the other hand, a classic or antique style would have heavy ornamentation and far more intricate details than any other style. It can have delicate curving or tapered legs that are made of solid wood.

If you have a bare hall that you want to furnish with a console table, a classic style will give the space elegance and an interesting atmosphere even without any decorative pieces placed on top of it. It can make a style statement by itself, thus relieving you of decorating dilemmas.

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