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Commercial Furniture Services

Explore endless possibilities at Wholesale Furniture Brokers. No matter what you need, we’ll help you find the perfect furnishing solutions for your commercial or off-shore property.  We look forward to furnishing your property in Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and any other place your property is located.  Find out why our satisfied customers keep coming back! 

Selection – When you’re furnishing a commercial project or an off-shore property, you want to eliminate hassles by only dealing with one company. Wholesale Furniture Brokers has thousands of products from over 40 manufacturers. You’ll be able to find the items you need to complete your project with ease.

In Stock Inventory – Wholesale Furniture Brokers has regular inventory reports from high volume suppliers and key contacts at all of the suppliers to verify what items are available to meet your deadline. Due to the inventory held at multiple warehouses at key distribution points in North America, it’s possible to meet very short deadlines. In order to have the most flexibility in product options, we recommend that you start choosing your items 3 – 4 months in advance. Back orders are often filled in 1 – 2 months, so you’ll have piece of mind in getting exactly what you want. If you’re already under a deadline, let’s get started right away!

Experience – Wholesale Furniture Brokers has completed multiple commercial projects in the USA, Canada, and off-shore. When you decide to work with Wholesale Furniture Brokers, you’ll have the benefit of working with an account manager dedicated to your account. That means you won’t have to explain your requirements multiple times and they’ll learn your special circumstances that need to be met.

Savings – When you’re working on a large project, we like to reward you with volume discounts. The discount depends on the project, so please contact us with your project requirements so we can figure out how to save you the most money possible. Any order over $10,000 will qualify for some discount. When we can ship multiple products from the same manufacturer, the discounts are even more generous.

Volume Discounts

Order over $10,000 and receive 10% off.
Order over $20,000 and receive 20% off.  To receive 20% off, major items of the order must be able to ship together from the same warehouse.  Please contact us if you would like to know if items from your order can ship together. 

Payment – As a company experienced in International Business, we offer multiple methods of accepting payment to help make it easier for you. You can complete payment by credit card, check or wire transfers in US or Canadian funds, or direct deposit into our Wells Fargo or RBC bank account. You may even employ a combination of these methods if you wish. Payment must be made in full before product is scheduled to ship.

Real Testimonials from Actual Customers

"This was a wonderful experience! Everything was handled very professionally and I am also thrilled with the quality of my sectional sofa." Debbie B. - Fulshear, TX

"I received the Cressida Platform Bedroom Set. I am 125% satisfied with the quality, professional shipping care, and cost. I will most definitely order furniture through Wholesale Furniture Brokers in the future. Many thanks!" E. M. - Sanford, ND

"The Louis Philippe Pedestal Dining Table Set arrived, and everything turned out great. I was worried about ordering over the internet but the order was easy with no hassles. Thank you so much!" Joe T. - Monroe, LA

Get started by calling toll free at (866) 595-8930.

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Question & Answers

Would like to set up a wholesale business account. Asked By Corey Minatani
We are not accepting new wholesale applications at this time.  We can work out volume discount purchases, usually on orders of $10,000+.  You may view more information at the following link: Wendy J. from WFB
Hi my name is Jeff Roberson with AJL Construction & design Inc.and I would to setup a account with your company Asked By Jeff Roberson
You can email our company to speak further. Caitlin L. from WFB

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