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Coffee Tables Style Guide

Coffee tables are essential furniture pieces in a home. You can use them as centerpieces where you can gather around with friends and family. They can complement other furniture pieces in a room and even give you an interesting and functional focal point. You can swap stories and have long conversations while sipping coffee around a well-designed piece.

Before discussing the various coffee table styles and designs, let's first make sure we have a working knowledge of this furniture piece. A coffee table is an accent table that is usually placed in front of the sofa. It is used to place beverages and other small items on and can even be used to work or play games on. It is a functional piece that can enhance your home's style statement and has many uses.

If what your home needs is a versatile coffee table, read on to know what styles are available before starting your furniture shopping. Knowing your choices and deciding what your space needs beforehand will save you time and even money.

You should shop according to your home design theme. It's essential that you buy a style that conforms to your existing theme or complements it well. If you have a traditional home style, a wooden piece with a no-frills design would be an appropriate choice. If you have a contemporary theme, a wood piece or glass top coffee table would go well with your contemporary living room furniture. If you have a modern home design, a chrome or steel and glass piece would give your space a sleeker and edgier look.

For a more interesting edge to your decor, furnish with a coffee table that does not follow the room's overall style. However, be careful that the piece doesn't look conspicuously out of place. For example, if you have a classic living room, a chrome and glass coffee table wouldn't go with your furnishings. On the other hand, a glass top table with wooden legs in a dark finish would look good in either a contemporary or modern space.

If you are furnishing a room with limited space, a clear glass coffee table would help make the room appear larger. You can also opt to get an extendable coffee table so that you'll have more room for drinks and other small items when you need it. Fold the extendable leaves back when you don't need the extra table space.

To maximize use of space, consider coffee tables with storage space. Some have storage drawers for your knick-knacks while the lift top style offers storage units underneath the table top. You can store bigger items in the lift top design. Some lift top coffee tables have drawers as well as storage compartments. Determine your storage needs first, then check out the designs that offer the kind of storage you need.

Make your coffee table work for your needs. Check out different styles and designs and compare their functionality and versatility before deciding on the piece that will bring a more stylish air to your space.

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