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Cocktail Tables Style Guide

A cocktail table is a style of accent table that is usually placed in front of the sofa or any living room set. It is usually a low table to match the height which will be comfortable for anyone sitting on the sofa. However, some cocktail tables are waist-high and may comfortably be used by anyone standing or sitting on high stools. They are used to put drinks on and, in some cases, even small platters of food items.

Cocktail table styles depend on where you want to use a particular piece and even what setting you are going for. Before heading out to shop for cocktail tables to furnish and enrich your space with, check out the styles available so that you can buy pieces that will serve your purpose and make your space look tastefully designed.

Prior to shopping, it is essential to first determine which spaces in your home needs a cocktail table. This practice will help you decide what style of piece to go with. For example, if you want a cocktail table for your living room and you aim for the space to serve as a place where you can hold intimate conversations with friends and family, then a low cocktail table would be a good choice. A low cocktail table surrounded by low, easy chairs or sofas helps people feel relaxed as it gives an illusion of an intimate space. Also, if you're comfortably sitting on the sofa, it will be easy to reach for your drinks on the low cocktail table.

On the other hand, if you want a classier and more elegant cocktail table, it would be suitable to get a piece with longer legs. This cocktail table style usually features tapered, curving, or more delicate legs. They can also feature intricate designs and darker, more refined finishes.

Since cocktail tables have been around for quite some time, antique pieces are also available. If your home design leans on the classic side, antique solid wood designs with dark finishes would enrich your home atmosphere.

Modern and contemporary styles and designs of cocktail tables will also round out your home decor nicely. Glass top and chrome pieces would look smooth and sleek with modern styled sofas and chairs. Simple wood designs or a combination of wood and glass would look welcoming and stylish in a home with a contemporary theme. If you want to maintain a traditional style, a simple wood coffee table without ornamentation would be a fitting choice.

Cocktail tables can also serve as showcases for your particular design flair since they can be a room's focal point. Choose pieces according to your taste and show guests, friends, and even family your own design style. You can be as creative and as imaginative as you can be because there are a multitude of choices available in the market. Check for styles and designs in magazines, traditional stores, and even online stores.

Cocktail tables are more than just tables to put drinks on. They can be used to create spaces where you'll spend many delightful and meaningful moments with people you care about. They are functional, stylish, and will serve their purpose for many years.

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