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Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

The use of bed canopies can be dated back to centuries ago. It is normally used as protection from the outside world while sleeping. Nowadays, not only do people use it for protection, but also it is often used for the look of luxury in the bedroom. By choosing the proper material for your canopy bed, you can add a romantic atmosphere and make your own bedroom a favorite retreat. Currently, sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza work well for fabric canopies.

Hanging a bed canopy is not as easy as it sounds. A poster bed is the easiest way to drape fabrics and it does not require installation, but you need to take the shapes and sizes of canopy into consideration. If you do not have a poster bed, you can still hang fabrics directly from your ceiling by using metal hooks, curtain rods or any other fastening tool that works for your room or ceiling. Consider using the walls around your bed as well if the ceiling is not an option and you are set on having a romantic draped canopy adorn your bed.

When we look at a canopy bed in detail, there are categories such as girls canopy beds, kids canopy beds, and wood canopy beds. Canopy beds are not only for young or old girls. With the right style of frame even a manly man's room can feature a rugged canopy bed. Kids canopy beds, for boys or girls, can be an asset if you're going for a traditional or idealist setting for your child's room.

Canopy beds are most readily recognized solid, dark woods but metal canopy's have become popular and way to express that romantic feeling that inspires the use of a canopy bed in a contemporary world. Though you won't see many canopy beds in the stylized modern fashion, don't count it out yet, we're always on the look out for exciting new beds to add to our collection. 

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