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Benefits of Area Rugs

We've come far over the years from the days when there was no carpet, just wood floors, to days where wall-to-wall carpet was the rule. Now it seems we've finally leveled out and understand we can have some of each. After all, why limit yourself to one flooring option, when you can have them all?

Here's a little advice for adding wood flooring to your home - invest in area rugs. You might be wondering why you would put a great floor in only to cover it up with rugs. That's not the idea. The idea is to protect your floors, while also adding decorative accents that make them stand out even more.

Area rugs should be put in the high traffic areas of your home, especially in places like the foyer and other hallways that get a lot of traffic. While wood looks great when it's new, you don't want to have to polish it all the time because of the scuffs from people walking up and down the hallway. If you have rug runners and other area rugs, you can still see the beautiful wood flooring. They will urge your guests to walk on the rug and save your wood floors from a lot of wear and tear.

Also, area rugs are a great addition to any room, assuming you choose the right ones. There are so many area rugs, rug runners, throw rugs, and more on the market that you will be able to find one to complement your decor style including traditional area rugs and contemporary rugs. That's the key - make it complementary. If you have a country theme to your home, find a rug that adds to the theme and stands out on the wood flooring. The more it stands out, the more people not only see and appreciate the rug, but also the flooring that it's adding to.

You will benefit from area rugs during the winter. If you live up north, you know it gets cold, and there is nothing more shocking to the system than stepping down on cold wood or tile floor after a chilly night. Area rugs can keep you from being jolted by the cold, and probably keep you from considering going back to wall-to-wall carpeting.

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