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Bedroom Furniture Your Kids Will Keep

The world of furniture isn't just for adults anymore. There are complete furniture designer collections that are geared around today's kids. Many people look at these sets and think there is no way they are going to spend a fortune on furniture that the little ones are going to grow out of in a couple of years. You're right, why should you? Instead of shying away from pieces that will be a lot of fun for your child now, you should look for kids furniture pieces that can also grow with the kids and get many more years of life.

First, there are many themed kids bedroom furniture sets that the younger kids are fans of. From Nascar to pirates, bedroom sets have a number of motifs that will make kids want to go to their room and be happy to go to bed when bedtime rolls around. As you look through your purchasing possibilities, look at their potential for years down the road.

While you may not be able to make a Nascar bed that looks like a car grow with your son, you may be able to purchase all the rest of the bedroom pieces that will be able to change with the times, so all you need to worry about down the road is a larger bed. Likewise, a bed that has a dark wood frame may be able to be decorated to look like a pirate ship today with a few accents. Down the road, the bed will be able to be just a simple dark bed frame that can be worked into any decorating style.

When they're young, many little girls want to be princesses. You can achieve this look with a four-poster bed with a canopy and other accents throughout the room. They may not always like the princess style. When they get older you can remove the canopy and change the bedding to give the room the more sophisticated look that they want.

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