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Bathroom Furniture Shopping Guide

One of the trends in bathroom remodeling today is making the bathroom a space that is a little more welcoming. Many bathrooms only have the necessities, a sink, toilet, and shower. While it's true these are the main pieces needed in a bathroom, it wouldn't hurt to enjoy this space a little more as a decorated part of your home, and not just a necessity.

If you want to update your bathroom, you will need bathroom furniture. Think about the roles you ask your bathroom to take on. In addition to the necessary reasons to have one, you also use this room as a place to put on make up, change clothes, style hair, etc. Why not make it a more comfortable space for these other chores?

Vanity chairs and tables are coming back in style by those who realize they would make their bathrooms more comfortable. Why have to stand in front of the sink mirror and balance a tube of mascara when you could be seated at a vanity table, and apply your makeup with a steady hand. The same goes with fixing your hair, curling your eye lashes, and doing other things that need a lot of attention.

When you're changing in the bathroom, why would you want to balance against a wall or sit on the toilet lid to put your outfit together? It's much easier to put panty hose on while sitting on a vanity chair, instead of trying to balance on one foot and roll the panty hose over the other toes.

One of the other popular bathroom furniture trends is adding more attractive storage. Instead of a cabinet below the sink and an in-wall linen closet, if you have the space, you may want to add a freestanding cabinet or wicker armoire. These pieces have so many looks and styles. They can be a part of the ongoing theme you have set up in the bathroom.

We've come a long way from the days where a bathroom was just a water closet at one side of the house. Celebrate these advances by helping make your bathroom another comfortable place you can enjoy, instead of treating it as only a necessity.

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