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Bathroom Decorating Tips

Many people like the idea of adding a theme to various rooms in their home. One of the popular rooms to put a whimsical theme in place is the bathroom. While making your bathroom look like the bathroom in the Bates Hotel from the movie Psycho is funny, there are a few things to think about before you totally theme your bathroom and end up regretting it.

Not all themes last through time. While you may be thinking of a bathroom redecoration theme that relates to a popular movie or stars, even a cartoon for the kids, remember, the popular moments of these movies or shows will likely be over before you are ready to redecorate. If you have Teletubbies wallpaper up in your child's bathroom when they're onto Transformers, you're going to have to deal with an upset child who says their bathroom is for babies.

There are instead ways to theme a bathroom without having to undergo a complete renovation project when times and themes change.

Neutral Paint - Paint the bathroom in a color that will go with anything. You can accent the bathroom, but when times change, and you want the theme to change, your bathroom walls will be ready for the old theme to move out and the new one to move in. Want to really appreciate this paint job? Make sure to use washable paint that will not only look good, but be able to handle the humidity in the bathroom as well as clean easily when dirty little hands miss the light switch and hit the wall.

Easy In, Easy Out - Instead of using wallpaper, appliques, and paints to decorate your bathroom with a hot theme, why not use things that can be easily removed to decorate. From shower curtains to bathmats, window curtains, toilet seat covers, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes, there are plenty of ways to bring a theme into the bathroom without it being through items that require a weekend project to undo and replace.

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