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Bars Sets and Bar Stools Shopping Guide

If you're fond of inviting people over for cocktail parties, casual dinners, or just to hang out, then having bar sets or stools should be a definite have for your home. Bar sets and bar stools are the most easy to use dining room furniture on the market today. They can basically go anywhere around the house - you can use them not only in your game room, but also in your dining room, kitchen, patio, and family room. Since they are a lot less bulky and easier to move around, they are ideal for entertaining guests. They also occupy less space compared to other dining furniture sets.

There are different types of bar furniture that you can choose from depending on your purpose. You can have bar tables and counters, counter-height dining tables, pub height tables, and stools. It's up to you to choose the best bar furniture that will fit perfectly with your planned design or style.

When you shop for any type of furniture, you need to contemplate on a few things to make sure that you'll end up with the best product at hand.

The first thing you need to check on is your interior design.This is very important as you may not want your entertainment room to look stuffed with different odds and ends. If you're planning to get a whole bar set, match the style and finish of the set to the entire design of your room. If you have a traditional theme, don't waste your time looking for modern-themed bar sets since this will make your design mismatched. It's best to look for bar furniture sets belonging to the same genre.

If you already have a bar counter or table and you're only looking for bar stools, this might be a bit harder for you since you have to look for designs that will complement your bar tables and counters.

Height may not matter for some people, but height does matter for bars. Keep this in mind whenever you shop for bar stools. When you look for a perfect bar stool to match your bar table, be sure that you leave a significant vertical space between your table and stool. Generally, a comfortable bar stool height will have around an 11 or 12 inch difference from your bar table. This height is just enough to let your arms rest comfortably on the table a little below your chest.

If you have counter-height tables measuring 35-37 inches tall, pair them with 24-28-inch counter stools. Standard bar height stools usually measure around 29-32 inches from the floor to the seat, which makes them ideal for bar tables that are 41-43 inches in height. Sometimes, you may also find taller bar stools measuring up to 33-36 inches. These are great to pair with bar tables as tall as 44-47 inches. Extra tall bar stools are usually custom-made and may not be readily available to order.

You may also want to measure your bar table or counter to see how many bar stools you need. Most bar tables will provide enough seating space for four people. Choose the width or design of your bar stool according to the style of your bar table. Some bar stools may be narrower or wider than the others.

What are your comfort requirements? Bar stools with arms may be more comfortable, but if you have limited space, your best choice would be to get armless bar stools. If you want to achieve a more luxurious look and feel, you can get upholstered bar stools. However, you must make sure that the fabric can be cleaned easily. Bars are very prone to stains and spills so you should be extra careful in choosing a fabric that is easy to maintain. You can get bar stools that can be washed.

Another thing that will add to your comfort is to choose swivel bar stools. This makes it possible for you to face any direction. If you have several guests in your house, this is quite advantageous since you can easily turn around with the stool to converse with your guests.

Bar sets and stools are either made of metal or wooden materials. Aluminum bar stools are great if you're planning to move them time and again since they are lighter than wooden bar stools. They are also great for the outdoors since they don't rust.

Bar sets and stools are sold in any furniture store. You can check out furniture catalogs or go directly at your local furniture store. However, if you want to find the best deals, you may want to consider shopping online for chairs. There are a variety of quality bar stools offered on different online stores around the web. Since there's a lot of competition, you will have a good opportunity to find bar sets and dining chairs at bargain prices. Just make sure that you make a quality check before finally purchasing an item. You can always call their customer service or send them an e-mail for inquiries.

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